LAZ joins case to oppose PF’s plot to cancel 2016 polls

The Following statement has been issued by The Law Association of Zambia (LAZ)

The Law Association of Zambia (LAZ) has carefully considered the Petition filed by Messrs. Richard Mumba, Simemeza Syachoke and Wright Musoma in the High Court at Lusaka against the Electoral Commission of Zambia and the Attorney General on 23rd June 2015 under cause number 2015/HP/0967 and has resolved to join the action and to oppose the Petition in view of the serious constitutional issues that the Petition raises.

The Petition seeks, among other things, to have certain provisions of the Republican Constitution, particularly Article 35 (1) and (4) as well as Article 88 (6) expunged from the Constitution for allegedly being discriminatory. The Petitioners are also asking the High Court to stop the Electoral Commission of Zambia from conducting the 2016 Presidential Elections so as to allow His Excellency President Edgar C. Lungu to complete a full five year term with effect from 20th January 2015.

LAZ’s decision to join the case is founded on its statutory mandate to seek the advancement of the rule of law and of the rights and liberties of individuals, by defending any abrogation of the Constitution.

LAZ also believes that the declarations that the Petitioners are seeking have far reaching consequences on the peace, security and governance of the country as well as the growth of the country’s young democracy.

George Chisanga- LAZ President

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