LAZ joins ‘hunt for missing’ president Sata, Scott awaits State House for MPs to meet Sata

The Law Association of Zambia (LAZ) has joined the ‘hunt’ for the missing Zambian president Michael Sata by urging him to come out of hiding and urgently swear-in newly ratified constitutional office holders, Attorney General Musa Mwenya, Solicitor General Abraham Mwansa, and Supreme Court Judge Mumba Malila.

AND Vice President Guy Scott says he has forwarded the request to State House for Parliamentary Whips to meet President Michael Sata following speculations about his wellbeing and whereabouts.

There are also a number of newly accredited diplomats to Zambia that Sata needs to receive their letters of credentials for them to start functioning officially.

LAZ president George Chisanga also said it was important for the PF government to clear the air on the illness and whereabouts of the President who is supposed to be very visible.

Chisanga said: “I don’t think that there is any legal justification I can give for the absence of the President in the constitution, but the general expectation is that the person who is holding the highest office in the country must be visible,” he said.

Chisanga said government must give convincing reasons on what was happening to president Sata as he was public servant number one as he holds the highest office in the land.

He said the Zambian people had the right to know what was happening to the president who has not been seen in public close to one month now, than leaving everything to mere speculation.

“If he is resting they should say it, if he is unwell they should say it. Like they have said the President is just as human as all of us are if you are unwell there are explanations that are given,” Chisanga said.

Meanwhile Guys Scott says parliamentary chief whips will meet president Sata as soon as he gets clearance from State House.

Responding to a question by Kalomo central Members of Parliament Request Muntanga during the Vice President’s question time who wanted to find out whether the request he made last week for the Whips to visit President Sata has been followed up, Dr Scott told the house that the request has been transmitted to State House.

Dr Scott says he is awaiting the response from State House and that as soon as he gets the response he will be able to communicate it

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