LAZ joins PF in harassing lawyer Mushipe

LAZ joins PF in harassing lawyer Mushipe


  • UPND should adopt her for Mangango

The now disgraced Law Association of Zambia (LAZ) has joined PF and the police in fighting and harassing human rights lawyer Martha Mushipe.

LAZ just banned Mushipe from practicing law in Zambia for saying the truth.

During the presidential petition in 2016, Mushipe told one of the judges who refused to hear the presidential petition Annie Mwewa Sitali that she is biased. Judge Annie Mwewa – Sitali then reported Mushipe to LAZ.

Does that that really deserve such cruel punishment from LAZ, an association supposedly dedicated to representing the interest of lawyers? Maybe LAZ only represents interests of judges. The previous leadership at LAZ ignored this complaint for the simple reason that it lacks merit and at the most, a reprimand to Mushipe would have been enough. But since the current LAZ executive was ushered into office, there has been a notable decline in the professional conduct and integrity of LAZ. LAZ is now a proper appendage of the ruling party, and this at the time when most people would have expected awyers to stand up for victims of an intolerant regime. Mwittwa has certainly chosen money over a good name. Now Mushipe will be made to suffer financial punishment just to please judge Mwewa for Mushipe is a lawyer and earns a living from appearing in court.


For Mushipe, we say, be strong and urge her apply to stand as MP in Mangango. We further urge the United Party for National Development (UPND) to adopt Martha Mushipe as the parliamentary candidate. That is the little they can do for since she is being punished by PF through LAZ for defending UPND.


Mushipe has been harassed by government agents and PF cadres, arrested by police on flimsy ground and her home and offices searched and law documents confiscated by police all because she stood up to the corrupt, biased judges.  Zambians judges prefer meek lawyers who only say my lord my lord even to corrupt elements.


This is what judge Annie Mwewa – Sitali said in 2016 and this is why Mushipe has been punished by LAZ:


‘We must note that some behaviour of some of the counsel for the petitioners as unbecoming in the law profession. And some went to the extent of alleging bias in front of the court, that a single judge who is myself was making unilateral decisions as the reason why.


“We condemn in the strongest terms the behaviour in particular that of Martha Mushipe and enjoin the Law Association of Zambia to take appropriate disciplinary action against her. It is further unacceptable for learned lawyers representing the petitioner  to say the single judge of the court made the unilateral decisions,”


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