LAZ rejects Mutembo’s appointment as DPP

The Law Association of Zambia (LAZ) has objected to the appointment of Mutembo Nchinto as Director of Public Prosections (DPP).

But LAZ has nodded the appointment of its president Musa Mwenye as Solicitor General.

The two lawyers have been earmarked for appointment to the two constituitonal positions by president Michael Sata. But their appointments are subject to the ratification by parliament.

Parliament has selected a committe to scrutinise the nominees and see if they are fit to hold public office.

The parliamentary committee is expected to consult security wings and other interest groups like LAZ.

The LAZ council met on Friday and resolved that Nchito is not fit to hold the office of DPP for now.

The LAZ council reasoned that Nchito has too many civil and criminal cases pending against him.

The LAZ council however said Musa Mwenye is clean and fit to be appointed Solicitor General.

The objection by LAZ is not binding and parliament can go ahead and ratify a person with a dainted reputation.

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