LAZ says Chibesakunda’s decisions will now be null and void

The Law Association of Zambia (LAZ) has said the continued stay of Lombe Chibesakunda as chief justice of Zambia is illegal and that all decisions made by her will be null and void.

Speaking on Hot FM’s Hot seat programme LAZ vice president George Chisanga said that all decisions made by Chibesakunda will be null and void since she was occupying the office illegally.

“The reality is that when somebody is seated in the office where they don’t have qualifications to start with, it means that whatever decisions they will have made in that office will have been null and void, that is the jurisprudential position because qualification is what makes you eligible to do what you are going to do.

Chibesakunda, a relative of President Michael Sata was appointed chief justice inspite of her not being qualified to hold that office. Opposition leaders and other civil society organizations who questioned the illegality were threatened with arrest.

However, the opposition UPND has vowed to carry out protests to force the ageing Chibesakunda to vacate the office and cause the seat to be filled by a qualified person.

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