LAZ says Lungu can appoint acting president even when he is at gym

LAZ says Lungu can appoint acting president even when he is at gym

PF cadre Eddie Mwitwa says president Edgar Lungu does not need to be out of the country to appoint another person to act as president.

Mwitwa, who as Law Association of Zambia (LAZ) president has successfully annexed LAZ to PF, says the Constitution was not breached when President Edgar Lungu recently took leave within the Country and designated his powers to the Minister of Defense.

Mwiitwa claims that the Zambian Constitution allows the President to designate his executive functions when he is out office in the absence of the Vice President. Mwitwa seems to think that ‘office’ means the physical room Lungu works from at State House. Some of these lawyers. Awe sure.

Mwiitwa says this permission is provided for in Article 109, sub-article 2, of the Republican Constitution.

There has been some concern that the president can only appoint someone else to act as president when he is out of the country.

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    John 4 days ago

    So what is the fu***ng point of the vise president and the fu***r from LAZ is simply as ass hole.
    Zambian’s is this how you are living, I’m returning to zambia from the diaspora.
    I think I will not return back just yet. I feel for you sisters and brothers.

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    Mainza 4 days ago

    There is no constitution in Zambia- only Lungu. And his Ugandan/Museveni thuggery.

  • comment-avatar
    D. Mbala 4 days ago

    Njimbu is a cadre who can’t think beyond his dull head. He is born a dull person and will die just like that.

  • comment-avatar

    Njimbu what has this story got to do with people of dundumwenzi, why do you have to bring UPND in every thing you thing off. Grow up guys,fight your battles alone leave UPND alone.

  • comment-avatar

    Njimbu ngati ulibe vokamba vala pamunyelo pako umange namatako

  • comment-avatar
    jimmy shaba 4 days ago


  • comment-avatar
    Wesley 4 days ago

    Njimbu is ever soiled in politics…I do not even know how knowledgeable he is…chintu chakwe Njimbu!

  • comment-avatar
    abilima 4 days ago

    King Solomon – Refer to the Constitution. This is also the problem with the writer of this story – attacking Mwitwa and LAZ instead of challenging him through the provisions of the Constitution.

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    LAZ President is 100% right.Haters camped in Dundumwezi party UPND can hung as they complain about anything concerning ECL or PF Govnt!!Please get to terms that Zambians voted for ECL twice and not your loser Kainde-period!!!Calling innocent people such as Mr.Mwitwa names wont usher your HH into state house-NEVER!!!Advise Kainde to just campaign seriously before 2021 especially in 6.5 provinces where his UPND have failed to win since 2006!!!

  • comment-avatar
    King solomn 5 days ago

    LAZ are you saying that we can have two presidents at the same time. One elected and one acting and both get emoluments from government?