Leaked constitution was with govt

The Technical Committee Drafting the Constitution has challenged Ceremonial Vice President Guy Scott to extend investigations on the leaked constitution to the Ministry of Justice because that is where the Soft Copy is being kept.
Committee spokesperson has told Hot FM Radio that Scott should not insuniate that the leaked constitution by the Zambian Watchdog was kept by the committee. “The Vice President should extend investigations to the Ministry of Justice that is were soft copies for both the constitution and committee report are being kept for security reasons” he said. And Mr. Mwansa has said government has on several times given different reasons why the committee should not officially hand over the constitution. Last week Guy Scott announced that government was going to launch investigations into the technical committee that drafted the constitution to ascertain who leaked the document to the Zambian Watchdog.
The Zambian Watchdog has leaked the eleventh copy of the constitution to the general public with millions of Zambians downloading and printing the eleventh copy. Government insisted that only ten copies be printed but the Watchdog distributed the eleventh copy a development that has embarrassed the entire government. Yesterday Foundation for Democratic Process Executive Director MacDonald Chipenzi mocked the government over the leaked constitution and said this ” I have read and studied the leaked constitution by the Zambian Watchdog. It is a very good document but if government says it has another one I would advise them to adopt the leaked one”.

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