Leaked PF campaign minutes in Livingstone show desperation to rig, win the seat at all costs

Leaked PF campaign minutes in Livingstone show desperation to rig, win the seat at all costs


After failing to pull crowds, GBM and Lawrence Evans try dooor to door

After failing to effectively capitalise on the death of Obvious Mwaliteta’s cook to their advantage by implicating UPND as being the ones responsible, the PF in Livingstone has again devised another formula that they hope will deliver the victory to their party at all costs.

According to the minutes of the PF campaign meeting obtained by the Watchdog held on 12th February 2013 at Florence Situtu’s house in Dambwa North, the ruling party has now come up with a vicious character assassination scheme against UPND candidate Regina Musokotwane.

The party has also devised several strategies leading to the day of the bye-election that involves injecting huge sums of government money in temporal projects and suspend some government projects that are not popular with the people.

Currently, Zambia Wildlife Authority (ZAWA) officials country-wide have not been paid since January 2013, but Masebo has ordered that those in Livingstone be paid to win their support.

The minutes also indicate that the PF government have ordered Zesco Managing Director Cyprian Chitundu to suspend the hearings for the looming Zesco tariff increases in Livingstone, something that has already been done.

The campaign team has also duped the Livingstone residents by temporarily suspending market levies in the area.

The meeting also resolved to quickly start reconstructing the Zimbabwe market which does not belong to the council, but was a co-operative. The rightful owners have since lost out because there is no compensation from government.

The PF government in Livingstone have also decided to dupe the Livingstone residents by suspending the demolition of the Hospital compound in order to appease health staff and their relatives until after elections and the contact person for this operation is a Salome who is on phone number 0977354500.

In the scheme, the PF has been trying to bribe and enlist some relatives of former husband to Mrs. Musokotwane  (Late Kebby) such as Joyce Nondo who is former District Commissioner for Monze and Florence Situtu who is former MMD councillor in the area to discredit their in-law Regina who is standing on the UPND ticket.

The minutes indicate that there were serious differences when it came to character assassination as Former Monze DC, Joyce Nondo could not stomach going after her own sister-in-law who is the mother to her own brother’s children who include Livingstone UPND Mayor Agrrey Njekwa.

Former late Zambian Prime Minister, Kebby Musokotwane’s relatives felt it was very unwise to be treacherous to their own relatives just for PF victory in the province and thought they could only be in a scheme that dealt on issue based politics.

These desperate measures are being spearheaded by Tourism and Arts Minister, Silvia Masebo who is also campaign manager for PF in Livingstone and recently annoyed people there when she said a Tonga will never be president.

The team currently camped in Livingstone has also agreed that there should be at least a minister campaigning in each of the 17 wards a move which will effectively paralyse government operations in Lusaka.

The ministers so far in Livingstine and their assignments are Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba to be in Zambezi ward, Masebo to run Shungu Ward, Bob Sichinga assigned Akapelwa Ward and Edgar Lungu to run Simoonga Ward, among others.

Local Government and Housing Minister, Emerine Kabanshi is also in the team as a general player to manage the counting centres since they fall under her ministry.

One government vehicle with a fake private number plate has been assigned for every polling station and another for publicity, the strategic meeting minutes read.

One senior former MMD official will also be assigned for every polling station to distribute food and money to the electorates before and on the day of elections.

The former MMD members so far identified are Emmanuel Siamwela, Joyce Nondo, a Mukosho, Liveni Apuleni, and a Mr. Mufalali.

Other measures on the PF campaign strategic meeting minutes include removal of all mixed racial people (coloureds) around their candidate Lawrence Evans to avoid what they termed ‘fuck you language’.

These include Gladys Gritafor who they feel is generally disliked in the province because of her poor performance and character when she served as PS for Southern Province.

In their tribal thinking, the PF have also decided to reduce or remove the number of Bembas in the team and send some Tongas in forefront such as Brian Hapunda.

Among the Bembas to be removed are Southern Province PS Chileshe Mulenga, Sensele, and Town Clerk Vivian Chikoti.

The PS Mr. Chileshe Mulenga is also being taken in the background because he has no campaign diplomacy as he is said to be too rough to the people.

The campaign team, according to the minutes has also set-up campaign materials distribution centres in every market and so far 20 bales of Chitenge materials have been distributed with the help of government parastatals.

Former MP. Rev. Howard Sikwela has also been appointed to be Deputy campaign manager assisted by former minister Lukulo katombola who confessed Satanism during his tenure in office.

Mr. Katombola during his confession categorically told the pastor that he was in league with Lawrence Evans in the satanic and ritual activities.

Among those present in the meeting are

Present at meeting
Joyce Nondo, former DC MMD Monze
F. Situtu former MMD councillor
B. Moonga MMD
E. M Siamwela
H. Matewu former MMD
B. Moonga former MMD
E. Zulu PF youth Secretary
J. Zulu PF youth
Mr and Mrs. Mompoloka former MMD Kazungula
Apuleni former DC Choma
J. Mukosho
B. Mungala former MMD

Lukulo Katobola former MP and Minister
Rev. Howard  Sikwela (deputy campaign manager LIVINGSTONE bye election

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