Leave me alone-Siliya

Acting MMD Spokesperson, Dora Siliya says people condemning her appointment must leave her alone.

Speaking in an interview with Hot fm, Siliya, who is also Minister of Education, said several political leaders such as Sata and Hichilema strongly opposed her appointment.

She said her job is to focus on issues concerning MMD and not talk about occurrences in other political parties.

Siliya noted that she had a brand to market (MMD), therefore all political leaders should concentrate on marketing their brands and working to see that they achieve their agenda instead of worrying about her appointment.

The Acting Spokesperson further advised political parties to practice politics of tolerance as this would prevent cadres from various parties attacking each other.

Siliya said the MMD has tolerated insults and attacks for many years and advised other political parties to follow suit.

She noted that the practice of politics of tolerance and self-respect are vital as they are progressive.

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