Lebanese Company buys Zindaba Soko 3 additional flats 

Lebanese Company buys Zindaba Soko 3 additional flats 

ROAD Transport and Safety Agency (RTSA) Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Zindaba Soko has acquired three (3) additional flats from the National Housing Authority (NHA) for close to K2 million money believed to have been corruptly acquired from a named Lebanese company that has recently installed traffic cameras in Lusaka.

Sources at the NHA revealed to the Zambian Watchdog that Soko, through the wife acquired the flats located on Kasangula street through a single cash transaction.

“(Zindaba) Soko has just paid a cash amount of K2 million to National Housing Authority for three flats in the Kasangula Complex and he is currently evicting the tenants that were renting from the NHA,” said the source.

The source said it was clear that Zindaba Soko was avoiding any paper trail by making a cash purchase. Now he owns nine (9) flats in total and it is surprising that a man in his job can buy such properties. We almost know the salary that he gets,” said the source.

However, investigations by the Zambian Watchdog reveal that Soko got some kickbacks from a named Lebanese company that is currently installing cameras in Lusaka.

Soko, a former driver at the Ministry of Finance, is well known for soliciting for bribes from companies that do business with RTSA.

The Watchdog will soon reveal how Soko received a Hyundai Sudan car from a vender that supplied patrol vehicles to the agency. He has been attempting to change the registration number of the vehicle but the Watchdog already has these details.

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October 3, 2017

*Private and foreign company outsourced, takes over all RTSA duties!*

*”Kapsch, Lamise thieves to earn $200million in 3years”*

A company called Kapsch in partnership with a local grocery and trading Lebanese company-Lamise investment, has been given a multi billion contract to take over functions of the Road Transport and Safety Agency(RTSA).

In its odd media release, the company states that it has won a bid from the Zambian government to design,install, operationalise a system for traffic control to manage;

•traffic surveillance
•vehicle speed limit enforcement
•vehicle inspection
• vehicle registration

Chief Executive Officer of Kapsch Andre Laux has disclosed that; “We feel honoured with partners Lamise Trading to be entrusted by the Zambian government to help improve traffic safety in the country”.

And Walid El Nahas, Chairman of Lamise Trading said; “by installing and operating Kapsch Trafficom’s leading edge equipment and the system will provide 500 jobs boost the economy through improved road transport and reduce the number of traffic accidents”
Lamise is owned by often crooks and is infamous for evading tax.

Zambian roads hold about a million cars.

Kapsch Traffic.Com states that they will also control all tolling, toll plaza and the entire value chain of road safety!

The joint venture will earn the company about $200million in 3 years!

The Road Traffic Safety Agency (RTSA) is a statutory body enacted by Parliament
RTSA was established by the Road Traffic Act No. 11 of 2002.

The statutory mandate and functions of RTSA that now appear be outsourced to the private company are;

•To regulate traffic;
•To manage road transport through regulation;
•To manage road safety engineering;
•To conduct road safety campaigns through education and publicity;
•To register and licence drivers, motor vehicles and commercial vehicle operators;
•To licence and register driving schools and driving instructors;
•To conduct physical and technical examination on motor vehicles to ascertain their physical details and road worthiness;
•To implement international treaties and protocols on road transportation within Zambia and across its territories;
•and to regulate cross boarder transportation

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