Lee Habasonda elected TIZ president

Former SACCORD Executive Director, Lee Habasonda, was today elected as the president of PF compromised Transparent International Zambia (TIZ).

Sources within the organisation said Mr. Habasonda has replaced Reuben Lifuka in that position with the hope of rejuvenating TIZ which has so far been seemingly compromised by the PF government.

Until now, Mr. Habasonda has been an ordinary board member of the once vibrant TIZ.

Habasonda is one of the NGO leaders who betrayed their trust and mandate to push the PF agenda in 2012.

After the PF won, Habasonda ditched SACCORD in anticipation of an appointment from PF. It never came as the PF knew Habasonda is like a green snake and can not be trusted.

As TIZ president, he is therefore expected to launch attacks on the PF regime due to sour grapes not out of principle.

His Friend Bonnie Tembo formerly of Ant-Voter Aparthy is likely to be  given a job by the PF after he -due to hunger, joined PF.

But Tembo’s appointment is hanging in balance after someone forwarded a report of his allegations of stealing money from Anti-Voter Aparthy to government.

Tembo was forced to resign after donors threatened to cut funding to his organisation if he was not removed owing to alleged theft of donor cash.

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