Left out and frustrated, People’s Pact leader cries foul

Left out and frustrated, People’s Pact leader cries foul

Tina (right) with Wynter Kabimba at some event

The following email has been posted by Tina Banda on the People’s Pact Facebook page. The People’s Pact was a campaign platform for PF but only the chairman Panji Kaunda got rewarded.

Greetings to everyone,

Congratulations Ladies and Gentlemen once again for winning the 2011 elections. You worked tirelessly to see this change this change come to pass. And now its time to look forward to participate in the real change we need as Zambians.

As secretary Gender and social networking, I have few things I want to share

Now that PF won the elections,right now we do not have immediate objectives to achieve because what ever we do,we need to support the working government,hence they need to incorporate us in there programs.We need to start lobbying than take the Back sit as it is now.Its high time we arranged a meeting even through Col Panji Kaunda to meet the president.We need Jobs,speaking for myself,I need a job in PF Government and we can revive Peoples Pact near elections(still supporting PF).At the moment,it will be difficult for us to start oppositing PF because our short term mission was achieved and we can’t pretend to say we shall wait for 2016 to start campaigning again.Time to lobby is now when Jobs are there.Mr Sinkamba I do not know so far what you have discussed with Col Panji Kaunda.We need to be in the system and it seems at the moment we are imagining things are OKAY.NO they are not Okay,we either need contracts or get foreign Jobs.PEOPLES PACT worked so hard to pretend they do not need jobs.

I do not know what others think. But we can organize even through George Chella to meet the President.What’s your opinion?

People are going everyday to statehouse to Lobby while we are sitted in Kitwe waiting to receive a miracle that we have been appointed as Minister or we want to pretend that we were just campaigning for free,i know deep inside our hearts,we all need jobs and lets just be REALISTIC?I think lets seriously start Lobbying. Alot campaigned for PF and if we just sit ,no fruits shall be yielded. Lets give them a bit of pressure.

The issue of wether Col Panji Kaunda remains Chairman also need to be discussed as many people have said that since he is now in Gvt, he has to remain loyal to his excellence.So if we have to maintain him, then we all need to get these jobs so that we are all LOYAL(LOL) Smile.


”We know that God will work all things together 4 good.

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