Let Chishimba Kambwili rest

Let Chishimba  Kambwili rest


By George Sichula

I feel sad to see how some people are struggling to understand the former NDC interim President. As far as we are concerned, he has made a very brilliant move for himself and his family. Any reasonable parent and husband would do that. If I may ask,What do you want him to do/say to the Zambian people? Anyway, you need political discernment to understand this.

Our brother has been having very serious cases which took him to prison for a month and currently surviving on an appeal. An appeal is not an acquittal. This is too dangerous for him and his family. I remember him issuing out a statement to complain that Zambians kept quiet when he battled it alone. He has a family to look after.We all know that if he supports the PF then his cases will be dropped, If he supports the Alliance he will straight go to prison. Between the two, I can also choose my freedom. Boma in boma bane. Bare with him for once. Kuti mwaletelela umunenu. Politics in Africa are very dirty.

Not long ago, CK complained about being fixed in terms of businesses, legal charges and finances, of which he is okey now as we speak. You will notice that all the right thinking NDC members have given CK space because the battle he is in is not a small battle. The PF Government has promised him freedom if he disturbilises the Alliance. This we all know. If I were CK I would go quiet and avoid unnecessary entanglements politically. There is still hope for him in future and not now the way things stand.

Our support for the Alliance is not in anyway a betrayal to CK. Himself knows this. Are you telling me that the whole MCC members; the acting President Mr Rikki Akafumba who has always stood with him throughout his court sessions, the SG madam Atanga, the National Chairman Fr Luonde, Roan MP hon Chishala, acting Veep and former spokes person for CK Mr Edward Mumbai, King G and almost

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