Let’s heed advice from Sata’s relative Bishop Mpundu


The plea pronounced by Archbishop Mpundu, the brother-in-law for Mr.Sata, the President of Zambia in Post Newspaper 9th March, 2013, is very true and must be taken seriously by all politicians.

The Holy Archbishop called on the rejection of violent leadership in our country and all the political parties which promote violence

I hope the Patriotic Front which derives its strength from Violent Mugabe’s ZANU PF of Zimbabwe has heard this advice from the man of God, as it is the only party which has been an architect of violence in this country. Even its leader Michael Sata has been one of the very few most violent politicians in the history of Zambia. His whole life has been full of violence, deceit and hate.

We still remember the Chawama saga where the FDD members were brutalized by the cadres under Sata as their commander. In 2001 MMD convention Mr.Sata, the bother-in-law for Tresphore Mpundu, unleashed his utmost talent against all those who were against the third term bid.So,Miyanda,Nawakwi etc were violently abused by Sata’s cadres.

In all the years of PF as an opposition, violence has been used to push their scheme.

In fact we have seen that this very violent talent which Sata, the cobra possesses, has been extended to the level of Presidency. With availability financial resources, Mr.Sata has been initiating and executing violence which mostly has ended in the death of someone.

So, this is the type of leadership which Tresphore Mpundu is rejecting. He has identified correctly that this form of leadership (manifested by His brother-in-law, Mr.Sata), must never be tolerated in our country.

The Archbishop’s advice is timely as Zambia today has been experiencing extreme violence especially during the bye-election. We have seen the Patriotic Front violent leadership transporting violent cadres to brutalize and intimidate people in polling stations.Thier violence has moved to the extent that they can easily kill their fellow PF cadres just to implicate other political parties.

So in short, Archbishop Mpundu has strongly come out to denounce his brother-in-laws violent type of leadership which has lingered in him for many years.

We thank Mpundu for such advice which am sure is directed towards the Patriotic Front, the party which he wholeheartedly campaigned for in 2011.He has realized that the level of violence his brother, Michael Sata, and the party which he, Mpundu campaigned for, directly in church and indirectly through Frank Bwalya and Pastoral letters, has increased to the alarming levels, hence there is need to stop it.

I am sure any time from today the Bishop and many other catholic clergy will produce a pastoral letter directly denouncing the violence unleashed by their own child, member, bother-in-law, the man-of-violence (action) and their 2011 preferred candidate, President Michael Sata.

Let us thank this wise man for denouncing such type of leadership style by his brother.

For sure we don’t need this type of leadership portrayed by Mpundu’s brother and hence we need to make sure that we get rid of it and all its “purveyors” by 2016.

This type of courage by Archbishop Tresphore Mpundu to castigate the violent leadership by the man he fully campaigned for at the altar (where God’s name was replaced with Sata’s name) and his own brother-in-law, President Sata, will surely be recognized by well meaning Zambians who hate violence

Thank you all. Love you Zambians.

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