Let Kabimba reveal the secrets he is hiding-Dr.Canisius Banda

By Dr. Canisius Banda (UPND vice-president)

ON LEADERSHIP and HYPOCRISY: When Zambia’s justice minister and Patriotic Front [Zambia’s ruling party] Secretary General was threatened with dismissal by his fellow party members, stunningly, he said the following words:

Fire me and I will spill the beans [ZNBC Sunday Interview, October 2013]. What is Wynter Kabimba sitting on? Is it the fraud behind the PF’s victory of 2011 that is his trump card? Speculations abound.

Now, what should really worry you, me and the rest of the world is that for as long as he retains his hold on power, remains Secretary General of the PF, Wynter Kabimba will not reveal the secrets that he has/knows, secrets whose nature is inimical to the wellbeing of our nation.

By being silent when the law expects him to squeal, Wynter Kabimba is veritably committing a crime. We demand that in the interest of Zambia, even if it means that, for a while he might suffer terrible flak politically, Wynter Kabimba should reveal all the dirty dealings within the PF, the corruption he knows that is at the core of the PF.

History shall surely absolve him, and he shall then reign in the Kingdom of Peace. Barring this, for now, the mayhem, the bloodletting within the PF will continue. This, I promise you!

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