Let not Barotseland secede

By Samuel Ngoma

A human spark. We have been one nation all along, whose unity has been extraordinarily rewarding. As far as national unity goes, we outpunch our weight even against the world’s most stable democracies.

For those of us who were privileged to serve in Foreign Service, Zambia’s national unity, peace and stability, was our Unique Selling Proposition (USP), as far as public diplomacy goes.

We are blessed with a burgeoning creative reputation worldwide, which includes professionals from Western Province or what is now being treacherously called Barotseland.

We have, among Zambia’s most famous sons and daughters, both the quick and the dead, Lozis who have done the country proud. It is a dazzling list of founding fathers, dignitaries, politicians, diplomats, Academicians, Lawyers, Clerics, celebrities, outstanding civil servants, close friends, brethren and journalists.

Mwanawina, Goodwin  Mbikusita-Lewanika, Nalumino Mundia, Princess Nakatindi (Senior and Junior), Munukayumbwa Sipalo, Sikota Wina, Arthur Wina, Daniel Lisulo, The Litungas themselves, Malimba Masheke, Amusaa Mwanamwambwa, Mundia Sikatana, Inonge Wina, Charles Milupi, Given Lubinda, Akashambatwa Mbikusita-Lewanika, Silumelume K. Mubukwanu, Professor Sitwala Imenda, Professor Mwauluka,  Dr. Inonge Mbikusita-Lewanika, Keli Walubita, George Simasiku, Patricia Nawa, Bishop Joe Imakando, Dr. Esther Munalula, Rose Mbololwa Mbikusita-Lewanika, Christopher Mundia, Chris Sitwala, Yuyi Lishomwa, Simataa Simataa, Rikki Illilonga,Ngozi Mwanamwambwa,  Dennis Lota, Jonathan Lichilana (late author of the Zambia National Anthem), Kwale Ikafa(late great dramatist and electrical engineer), Meebelo Mutukwa, Tony Mbanga  and Poni Muyambango(late great soccer star).

Fellow Journalists: Ridgeway Liwena, John Mukela, Ken Mubu, Julian Mutakela, Jeff Sitali, Mary Namakando, Moses Walubita ,Anthony Mukwita, Doreen Inonge Mukanzo, Namakau Jyatileka, Judith Konayuma, Gethsemane Muzabi, Hilda Akekelwa, Desmond Mubiana, Martin Wamunyima, Victor Zaza, Pelekelo Liswaniso, Mutafela Lubinda, Lubinda Mabuku, Robert Sifuniso, Obi Munalula, Ing’utu Muyambango, to name a few.

How, now, can some of us be expected to part nationality with warm, hospitable, Lozi friends and brethren who have left such a niche in our hearts, they that opened their homes, they that were there for us when we were still veiled to the rest of the world?

Emmanuel Mainza Milapo, Molly Milapo, Richard Saloba Milapo, Sepiso Katundu, Jack Kufanga Kanyanga, Lizzie Sishwashwa, Peggy Liswani, Kennedy Mubita, Mary Walubita and the list is endless.

These antecedent bonds no one can nullify just when the “Musisi” is becoming a national dress for Zambian women!

There was never any doubt about our oneness as a nation. Together, we have experienced highs and lows as one nation. Every year, as one people, we have ceaselessly joined our Lozi brothers and sisters in crawling the gauntlet along Mongu road during the stupendous Kuomboka ceremony.

Why now would our own flesh and blood, our brethren, some of the Lozis in Western Province,  seek separatism from mother Zambia, the one nation we dearly love and cherish and sing Chipolopolo together?  Why now?

Now, when we are so inseparable, it is impossible to imagine a Loziless Zambia unless one has taken leave of his senses. It is unfathomable to put asunder this one flesh of Lozis and all Zambia. We are inseparable whether anyone likes it or not with in-laws, nieces, nephews, wives, husbands, uncles, aunties, cousins and friends who hail from Mongu and vice-versa.

Countless Zambian names are Liseli Ngoma, Pumulo Ngoma, Nyambe Mulenga, Nalishebo Mulenga, Mwaba Mundia, Kondwani Namakando, Mutafela Banda, Kukeng’a Mubiana, Masauso Nawa, Ing’utu Haatembo, Nalumango Mudenda, Bwalya Mundia, Sepiso Litana and the list goes on.

For Limulunga-based separatists, if theirs is as a result of feeling the role of Lozis in Zambian affairs has gone thankless, separatism will just dampen their self-worth even more. If Lozis secede now, it will be like chickening out of the race because they feel deprived of the national cake.

It will be like they can’t compete with other Zambians and would rather be on their own as that’s where they stand a good chance of excelling. Hang in there. Stick it out.

Of course, subtle exclusion of Lozis or favouritism at their expense is hard to justify. All sharp brains and selfless impartial political communicators know it’s there, in fact there is not much we don’t know or understand about what may have led to secession calls reaching fever pitch now than ever before.

There are understandable sensitivities about that and as a nation; we’ve been dismal at the stuff. We must be considerate, it’s one of the fruit of the Holy Ghost  to be considerate and in this case, KK’s ameliorative ONE ZAMBIA, ONE NATION is the answer and if properly applied, Lozis will be smiling all the way to Lealui.

The Barotseland agreement was never meant for secession by any who have understood its contents but obviously some in Limulunga have twisted it to their own ends because of their own grievances. The Barotse agreement is not a double entente – it only has one meaning: shared national resources, equal representation, management and development of western province equivalent to the rest of Zambia. The blunt truth is that Barotseland would have remained wallowing behind in deep colonial waters in 1964 if Mwanawina had not begged the rest of Zambia “not to leave us behind when the rest of the country is independent.”

As a matter of fact, the agreement should act as a surcingle that forever holds and unites Zambia and not divide it.

A secession strikes at the very idea of Zambia itself. The integrity of our blessed nation has been put at great risk. Hell has no fury than this kind of goofiness and only the enemy of men’s souls, Lucifer, will rejoice if things were to fall apart in Zambia. The discerning spiritual man knows that the Devil and his agents come to steal, kill and destroy, he weakens nations through blood sacrifices and will only be too glad to see Zambia split down the middle with copious amounts of bloodletting.

The unity of Zambia, the way this country’s patchwork of 73 tribes has stood as one nation all these years with no civil war, has been an immense praise item for many believers. Such praises to God for sustaining our nation since 1964, makes the Devil livid, all day long. All along, the evil one and his agents have been waiting for an opportune time in which to steal and destroy Zambia’s bragging rights about our national unity when most of Africa has often gone up in smoke.

To this end, Lozis must hang in there. Zambia is bigger than any one of us. Lozi time will surely come. If yesterday a Lamba man, followed by an easterner, were in power and today a Bemba man reigns, tomorrow it could be a Lozi, an easterner, a Lamba or Tonga or Bemba again.

Good things come to those who wait. And God’s timing is perfect, the Almighty rules in human affairs gives nations to whomsoever He pleases to accomplish His purposes. But He will call all rulers to account, unless they confess and repent in this life, for  all atrocities against their people;  favouritism, vindictiveness and all injustices.

There are insoluble consequences on Lozis and the entire Zambia if Western Province were to achieve separatism. It must not be. It would be a festering wound that would never heal.

A carnage of Biblical proportions such as when the tribe of Benjamin tried secession from the rest of Israel and fought a bloody battle against their brethren.

All because of a few selfish egos that would not give and take. A visitor from Judah had gone to the province of Benjamin and some perverted individuals surrounded the house where he was to spend the night intending to do him great harm. To appease their wrath, he had to take his concubine and bring her out to them.

And they abused the man’s concubine all night long until morning when they let her go. Then the woman came as the day was dawning, and fell down at the door of the house where her master was, till it was light.

When her master arose in the morning, and opened the door of the house in order to be on his way back to Judah, there was his concubine, fallen at the door of the house with her hands on the threshold. And he said to her, “Get up and let us be going.” But there was no response, she was dead. So the man lifted her body onto his donkey; and returned to Judah.

Upon arrival in his town, he took a knife, laid hold of her body and cut it in 12 parts according to the number of all the tribes in the nation of Israel (would have cut the body in 73 parts if he was a Zambian).

He cut the body limb by limb and sent the pieces throughout the territory of Israel. And so it was that all who saw it were enraged and said, “No such deed has been done or seen from the day that the children of Israel came up from the land of Egypt until this day. Consider it, confer, and speak up!”

Long story short, all Israel gathered to go to war against their own brethren, the tribe of Benjamin but not before asking the Benjamites to own up.

Benjamin did not own up nor did they see sense and the need to preserve national unity by handing over the perverts who had gang-raped the concubine of a fellow Israelite leading to her painful death.

Instead, the tribe of Benjamin stubbornly gathered together from their towns in the province of Gibeah to go to battle against the whole nation of Israel. One tribe against the rest of the nation.

It seems the Benjamites were a very proud lot. They gathered 26, 700 soldiers to face the rest of Israel’s 400,000 soldiers. It was a bloody and protracted battle and in the end, the tribe of Benjamin was defeated in this staggering burden of needless  bloodshed. The battle was fierce as brother fought against brother.

God was on the side of justice, as He always is. The Lord fought for Israel and defeated the tribe of Benjamin even if the single tribe boasted 700 select men who were left-handed; every one of them could sling a stone at a hair’s breadth and not miss.

Twenty-five thousand and 100 Benjamites were slaughtered in battle although they also did claim a huge number of Israeli casualties perhaps because of the blessing of God on their forbearer, Benjamin, the beloved youngest son of Jacob. There were 600 Benjamites who survived the war and fled into the wilderness as if to at least preserve the tribe. God’s blessings and prayers stick and even for Lozis, because of the way Sebitwane and Lewanika opened up Zambia to western missionaries’ spiritual and material good, God has not forgotten them.

Now the men of Israel had sworn an oath saying “none of us shall give his daughter to a Benjamite as a wife.” After the routing of the tribe of Benjamin, Israel gathered in the house of God until evening where the nation wept bitterly that one tribe was no more.

(Closer to home, it is like the Zambia Army going to Western Province and slaughtering the entire population, if the Barotse hotheads declared war on the rest of Zambia. Suddenly, Zambians would feel the enormity of the loss, that one tribe out of the 73 is no more in a day of national mourning unprecedented in Zambia’s history).

Israel lifted up their voice and wept bitterly for the tribe of Benjamin, their brethren. The remaining tribes of Israel cried, “O Lord God of Israel, why has this come to pass in Israel, that today there should be one tribe missing in Israel?” Get the hint.

And the children of Israel grieved excruciatingly for Benjamin their brother, and said, “One tribe is cut off from Israel today. What shall we do for wives for those who remain, seeing we have sworn by the Lord that we will not give them our daughters as wives?”

So Israel found among the inhabitants of Jabesh Gilead 400 young virgins who had not known a man intimately and they brought them to the camp of Israel. Israel then sent word to the 600 Benjamites who fled the war into the wilderness, and announced peace to them.

So the tribe of Benjamin came back at that time and Israel gave them the young virgins but there were not enough for the surviving Benjamites. The nation of Israel was determined and they said, “There must be an inheritance for the survivors of Benjamin, that a tribe may not be destroyed from Israel.”  Israel’s second plan was to give the remaining Benjamites daughters of Shiloh and go back to the land of Benjamin to once again replenish a tribe that had been wiped out by war, a senseless war because the tribe of Benjamin did not see their wrong.

“Sorry” should cease being  the hardest word. Prima donna attitudes and egos are detrimental to national unity. We must all be wary of insoluble consequences when fault lines appear in our national unity. Things can go badly wrong in the ties that bind if national unity is not jealously harnessed.

The frightening parallels in the Bible exemplum are profitable to those who have ears to hear. There are wounds that are impossible to heal on both sides if a Barotse secession was to take place. We have been one country all along as was Ethiopia and Eritrea where its leaders are even cousins and yet look at their bitterest enmity!

It only takes one careless spark to lose it all but it shall not be so for Zambia.


The Author is a former Diplomat at the Zambian Embassy in Brussels. He has also authored two books: Why is God silent on Mandela? (2009) and Responsible Journalism by example(2011)



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    grace 6 years

    i thnk this is why African countries are not as successful as they should be. because of in-fighting, and the lack of cooperation.
    surely there are more peaceful ways of resolving these issues? what will happen in the future? are we all looking at the bigger picture? is secession REALLY the answer? instead of thinking with our emotions, let’s be rational and think this through.
    have all the options been exhausted? have we done everything we need to do? what will the benefits be? the pros? the cons? the consequences?
    for the record, how will secession benefit those involved? will it be another case of the elite few benefiting from the working force?
    let’s be serious about this, (and also cease from insulting and name calling, because that’s childish) and be rational. who is leading these ideals? or is it a mob mentality?
    also, who is to say that once Barotse is it’s own, there will not be hierarchies and belittlement? humans are humans, and it doesn’t matter whether you’re lozi or nyanja, from the west or the east, a brother or a stranger. a person can still mistreat you to get to where they want to be.

  • comment-avatar
    andrew zimba 6 years

    #livingstone and jiga. Thanks for clarifying that Barotseland is just the western province as it stands today. But Livingstone can’t you make a point without insults???? You reduce the importance of your cause. I have another question. I hope you will not insult but debate like a gentleman.Other than seceding don’t we have other alternative ways of resolving the Barotseland question while maintaining the one country status???

  • comment-avatar
    Sikulubing'i Namaloya 6 years

    @mervin sithole,mucho,kabush,so called historian,frank & tc above including ngoma author of this misleading & unresearched article that kud be mistaken 4a boring novel unrelated 2any event other yo mentioning few lozis here & there presumably 4yo onw self consolation & misquoting & misapplying the Holy Bible misappropriately, u bastards of black asse.d embiciles seems never 2’ve done basic contract law in yo lives or opt 2ignore. What do u understand by by law of contract & its termination? By impliedly or express acts of 1 part to a contract contrary 2contract terms implementation breaches the terms of the contract renders a contract null & void & this is precisely irreparable damage that has deliberately been inflicted 2the internationally signed & recognised BA64 by yo zambian crooks u call presidents. Now u danderheads get it now that there is no retreat but getting our Barotseland u evil single handedly (unilaterall) nicknamed western province. Of course independence day is b4 next rain season. Insult us,despise us but we are now a united force/pipo like in the era of the mighty king Lewanika resolute enough 2achieve our cause. Our generation will never defer this fight 2next 1 but ourselves now & immediately. U hypocrites of worst formation & kind on earth on 1 hand has a slogan u fantasise us of being poor from poor sands but @ same time keeps hanging on us when we resolutely want 2go separate ways piecefully u scumbags. U even go 2a naked poor outdated stone age tactics of divide & rule 2woe a few isolated cases of judas iscaliotis inform of illeterate nkoyas as a desperate tool 2delay a legitimate non reversable just cause in order 4u 2propel yo hegemöny & evil worshiping yo stinking unuse.s. Fuc.k yo as.ses u masembeles & know that no gun segregates in terms of war. Other than satellites, we r physically watching u & we r within or amongst u,yo barracks,op,streets,police & so far better than alshaabab or dreaded boko horam. Manguams yo period & used 2life of sipping tea & eating kanda,kolwe,rats & mahungu may come 2an inevitable uninvited abrupt end if u become fun.

  • comment-avatar
    Mbuya Viola 6 years

    Mr Ngoma,
    What i understand is that the Hebrews ie descendants of Israel were commanded by God after they left Egypt on their journey to the promised Land to be obedient to Him (God)- Joshua chapter 1 refers. I believe that the reason for the disaster concerning the Benjaminites and the rest of Israel which happened later on when they were in the Land is perfectly summarized in the very last verse of the book of Judges, the very book which narrates the event. I believe that this disaster as well as all the other disasters which are recorded in the Book of Judges happened coz every man in Israel did what was right in his own eyes and NOT what was right in God’s eyes. I believe that this theme runs throughout the records of these disasters; Judges 3v7, Judges 3v12, Judges 4v1, Judges 6v1, Judges 10v6, Judges 13v1. I believe that in spite of the Israelites’ disobedience God sent them judges or saviours and saved the situation on most occasions. I believe things got worse towards the end of the Book of Judges where even the Benjaminites’ story is narrated and that that had to with the situation where there was no king in Israel in those days and every man did what was right in his own eyes and that this theme to do with the lack of leadership in Israel is recorded in Judges 17v6 Judges 18v1, Judges 19v1 and Judges 21v25.
    So Mr Ngoma, I dont know why you state that the Benjaminites’ and the rest of the Israelites’ disaster was only due to wrongs of a few of the Israelites from the tribe of Benjamin coz I believe the Bible says otherwise and worse still why u relate it to us Lozis in such a manner and at this time.
    I believe that disobedience to God is what has brought about this situation between Lozi people and the people of the former Northern Rhodesia.
    I believe Lozis have a special call from God, a position which requires their separation just as Israel’s call required its separation. Whether or not we Lozis manage to fulfill our duty to God is another issue, I believe. I also believe that there is a God-given provision for all people who are clean/holy to unite in serving God in the right place n time. So I think there is no need for you to cry over Lozis, as long as you and them do what is right in God’s eyes.

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    Nationals 6 years

    Let us see u BA64 fanatics burn your Zambian passports plus the Zambian flag. Lozis are masholi and cowards of western province. masipa yamina.

  • comment-avatar

    These neigbours of ours from n/rhodesia,especially these bambas from kolweland are cheap propangandists and heavy liars,thieves by curse.It all started from stealing and lieng,beating there father mukulumpe chiti and his brother kolwe fred to zambia.For this they can malnupulate everything.This time im a happy man BNC hv heard our cries,peacefully we hv desengaged from n/rhodesia bye bye guys!!come to terms with it to avoid BP.

  • comment-avatar

    No ammount of pressure,intimidation will reverse our call for Barotseland freedom.Pipo hv said enough is enough.All barotses hates u n/rhodesias to the born,some our quiet for the sake of income,but they are contributing minus u seen.Just after independence u never see any Barotselander that side.Watch the space and see how Barotseland will mushroom to a vibrant and peaceful NATION!!!!thats what scares n/rhodesia.

  • comment-avatar
    Sibeso 6 years

    Mr Ngoma your biblical venture in this article is warped. No connection at all but simplistic propaganda. You talking of no separation when they have separated already, be realistic!

  • comment-avatar
    Professor Veritas 6 years

    I asked myself class this question “Will African ever catch up?” After a brief pause, one White student said “Yes, if and only if the African mind is liberated.”

    Well you can say about Barosteland will it ever be developed? Only if the residences of WP rid themselves of Litungaism and BRE. How is it that WP has so many educated people but have no solution to the complex issues of WP? Gen MASHEKE MADE FORTUNES AS A POLITICAL LEADER YET HAS ZERO INVESTMENT IN WP, who do you blame? Balame Kaunda!!!!

  • comment-avatar
    Kay Love 6 years

    What a biased article from Mr Ngoma, very one sided.
    Lets put things truthfuly, BA 64 is a birth certificate of Zambia. KK abrogates it, and changes Barotseland name to ”Western Province” without the consent of the Litunga, BNC and the people of Barotseland.
    Yes you have mentioned all the integrity people above, yet the Zambians have purposely neglected all these dilligent and knowledgable people to rule, knowing that Zambia was a Unitary State of Barotseland with N.Rhodesia.
    Mr Ngoma, where were you the last 48 years when Barotseland people were truthfuly telling you the significancy of BA 64? For 48 years Zambian successive govts have malliciously refused Barotseland, hence the final call by the Barotse National Council,(BNC).
    Don’t blame the Lozi Nation for your lies, when you truly know that it is the Zambian govt at fault here. Truth is what makes you, you, to be fully alive and to live. Without truth, you can NEVER enter Gods Kingdom, thats a fact.
    All Zambians were denied their history, the truth of a Unitary Zambia. Students never learn’t anything to do with the unitary Zambia, check the curriculum, why?
    Simply because KK was not truthful about the BA 64, now time has come for him to face the wrath of God.
    Barotseland in not succeding, but seperating from Zambia peacefully, its a disegangement.
    The marriage certificate was refused by Zambia, hence Barotseland has filed for divorce.
    Even marriage ends when the other half is cheating or not fully committed to the obligations of the unionship.
    Stop forcing Barotseland to be part of Zambia, when in 48 years you have refused the marriage.
    No amount of intimidation,segregation, one sided opinioninated and stupid propaganda will stop Barotseland from prosperity of truth.
    Though our blood has been spilt, we will spill no innocent blood, though we have been shot we will not even throw a pebble at our aggressors.
    Get used to it, Barotseland is a free nation, after 48 years its too late. BNC resolve is Final, its over, chapwa, kwamana, kwasila, kunamanee and kufelile or kipeto!
    Get used to it, or soon and later.

  • comment-avatar

    Reading Mr. Ngoma’s article made me sick. If Mr. Ngoma were a Barotse person who had lost a son in thin air never to be seen, no grave; at the hands of zambian police and the dreaded op, he would not have written all that rubbish. He misses a nut in his brain, the nut that interprets contracts and agreements. This is the commodity commonly absent in all those people who are against Barotseland.
    He argues that the BA 64 has no provision for secession, yet he fails to state how Zambia found the provision to abrogate it. A diplomat who cannot cite the Vienna Convention on the Law of Treaties and how it applies to treaties or agreements which have no provision to be annulled by either party must be very dull. Instead he cites at great length the bible which is basically the history of Jews who have themselves suffered extermination by Hitler. He fails to illustrate the common origins of
    the tribes of Zambia which he gives as parallel example to the bible story, making it irrelevant. He also fails to understand that the Lozi are not a tribe but a nation. There were two nations that signed the Barotseland Agreement not two tribes. Mr Ngoma is deliberately trying to misled people and that objective has failed the pass mark.
    In short nothing will make us turn round against the BNC resolutions to satisfy the whims of the oppressor. Oppressors do not give up easily and willingly even when they know they are at fault. They have to be forced into submission and we shall achieve that. Our quest for freedom is justified, a reality and in sight. It is not secession but reverting to original status before the Agreement as an independent sovereign nation. The break up cannot be faulted on Barotseland, but on Zambia. We are simply accepting the expulsion from the union.

  • comment-avatar
    Professor Veritas 6 years

    All the Lozis you mention are educated and successfull and have made fortunes outside Western Province. But it is amazing just about any sucessful Lozi I know don’t invest their wealth in Barotseland. I have wondered why? They are afraid of the Litunga because everything starts and ends with the Lutunga. Tell me one project or investment that Gen MASHEKE has in WP? The answer is none. I wonder why? They are heavily taxed by the Litunga and in return the Litunga doesn’t develop the province with loyalties he gets but he is quick to point fingers at the government. The reason Barotseland is underdeveloped is the Benjamine mentality, feeling insecure in relation to other people because the Litunga and the BRE tend to think of themselves as victims.

    Instead of the Kuomboka why not let investors use the Lualui for irrigation and grow Rice to feed the entire Zambia? The Litunga will not let the Kuomboka go but will point fingeres at the government for under developing WP. What if the palace was moved so that roads could be paved in the Zambezi plain to connect Mongu with neighboring towns to facilitate commerce. The Litunga will not let his palace move even if it’s in the best interest of the entire province. Why is that there is oil in just about all deserts in North Africa except Barotseland? Could be that there is oil in Barosteland but the Litunga will never allow anyone the Chinese included to explore his area without a treaty.

    It’s time the BRE stopped casting blame on other people but rather should ask themselves why all other provinces are well intergrated but WP. It is much easier to invest and feel welcomed in other pronvices but WP. I am not talking about ordinary residences of WP I am talking about the Litunga mentality. It feels like what a Zairean once said about Mobutu. “We had to recite one party, one country, one father, Mobutu, Mobutu,” “It was ridiculous. You knew it but you could not do anything about it. Not to sing and dance was to commit suicide. You just went along with it.” It feels same talking about the Litunga or dealing with the BRE.

    In short the people of WP are just as Zambian as anyone you know they even do inter-marry with other people, its the Litunganization of the BRE that has delayed WP from catching up with development and intergartion like other provinces. Gen MASHEKE HAS NO INVESTEMENT IN WP YET HE IS AN ORACLE OF THE BRE, that explians why WP is what it is.

    I am a proud Lozi who onced worked with the UN in WP but I chose to settle in Copperbelt than rub shoulders with the Indunas.

  • comment-avatar
    Madmax 6 years

    @jigga, I don’t understand your thinking. Each time an article appears on this site, you always stand alone. Please there is something wrong with your IQ, I don’t mean to undermine you intectualability. You are good but try to understand the logic behind this article. Remember that ZWD is our mouth piece to air our veiws becoz we all cannot be in parliament to contribute. I guess Mr Ngoma’s point is to educate the masses of what would be if such confusion is given ground to breed.The Ngambela is being misslead by the Prime-minister Lyungabambo in all avenues. The man was in the ruling party MMD then and my question is, why did he not fight the contentious issue when he was in the parliament during debates? Why has he choosen to fight it outside parliament? Infact the Kuta is suppose to charge him for him not representing the BA64 during his tenure of office. He never, discussed developmental issues during parliament session, he was only interested in the allowances. Such people are a danger in the society and this cup doesn’t pass you Jigga. Cogitate my brother and you piss me off with your unwarranted comments.

  • comment-avatar
    Nduma 6 years

    One Zambia One Nation, Real or Myth? One Zambia One Nation is the best thing that ever happened to Zambia
    Posted by kaluwe on January 25, 2011 in columns · 4 Comments
    By Godwin Kaluwe

    One Zambia One Nation is the best thing that ever happened to Zambia. Through its propagation and promotion two different nations agreed to put aside their differences of uniformity in order to celebrate their differences of diversity and became a unique place of spiritual integrity, social political and economic power house, inter-marital fusion, educational development hub and democratic benchmark for Southern Africa.

    Until self-determination and freedom of speech become part of Zambian vocabulary however, the peace and unity that we have enjoyed in the past 46 years, based on the strong foundation of Barotseland Agreement 1964, may be but only a myth.

    The recent call by the people of Barotseland through self-determination to review some articles in the BA64, and for dialogue over the restoration of Barotseland Agreement 1964, and by proponents of secession and the invisible secret proponents of the campaign to oust BRE from existence, has taken us to our History text books, only to discover to our dismay that our government did not domesticate the BA64 and ratify it into law.

    The following organizations are noted:

    a. Barotse Royal Establishment (BRE), to dialogue and review some articles of the BA64 to be
    included in the Zambia Draft Constitution.
    b. Movement for the Restoration of the Barotseland Agreement (MOREBA), To restore the
    Barotseland Agreement 1964, as it was signed by KBE Sir Mwanawina Lewanika.
    c. Barotseland Freedom Movement (BFM), To discuss the freedom of Barotseland from
    Zambia once and for all visa vis abrogation of BA64 and the rejection of NCC Submissions.
    d. Linyungandabo, To determine the way forward regarding the independence of Barotseland
    and establishment of constitutional mornachy.
    e. Barotse Patriotic Front (BPF), To mobilize people and create awareness concerning their right
    to self-determination and independence,in the light of BA64 breach.

    Most of the people who stood for causes of minorities or freedoms were called names by propaganda machinery. Eventually the truth set them free. Martin Luther, the reformer was dimmed fanatical. But today we all appreciate what he stood for, even Catholics respect him. The truth has set him free. Nelson Mandela was dimmed terroristic, today he is a recipient of a Nobel Peace Prize by the same people who crucified him. He even became their president and forgave them of their misunderstanding. Jesus Christ Himself was misunderstood.

    The reverend Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was arrested several times in the US for defending the cause of minorities in civil rights. The government that arrested him today has set aside a holiday in honor of his birthday. Hence, God’s ministerial obligations should not be limited to preaching love and peace without protecting those fundamental attributes and share with the voiceless and marginalized.

    Someone said; “Ministers should not be too Heavenly minded that they become of no earthly good.” It is only human to flow with the way of the majority, but the majority way though popular is not always right. We must be governed by higher Principles that transcend our tribal differences and political affiliations if we are to stand the test of time as a unitary state.

    What the government of Zambia has done to the people of Barotseland is not Characteristic of Christian honesty. It should not be condoned or supported just because it feels good for the time being, or that it is politically correct. We should stand for the principle of justice not merely peer appeasement.

    Some of us have stood for noble causes of the marginalized before regardless of their contexts as a principle of sister and brotherhood. Should it matter that when our own people, villages, home cities, and provinces are under attack by those who cherish to eliminate their rights from existence unconstitutionally, we should become even more protective.

    The Bible says: ” Therefore, to him who knows to do good and does not do it, to him it is sin.” (James 4:17). Therefore, for those who know more based on what they do, to them if they do not defend a just cause, to them it is sin.

    Consider this, Barotseland started demanding for independence from Britain in 1907. That was denied because it was not for the best interest of Britain. Since then there are records of petitions to the same. In 1961, 50 years ago, Barotseland went to UK for another serious petition for independence, and was denied. In 1964 Barotseland protectorate Nationalists and Northern Rhodesia colony Nationalists waged a joint freedom struggle for Northern Rhodesia. It was agreed to join hands with Barotseland as one Zambia one nation, on condition of Barotseland Agreement 1964. This agreement was real, not make believe, without which the independence of NR could remain valid, but the unitary state of BL and NR would not be valid. Hence the 1969 legislative Act which abrogated the BA64 and even changed the name from Barotseland to Western Province.

    Therefore, after signing the Agreement, the government purposely did not domesticate or ratify the same into law. By non ratification and non domestication, according to International law of treaties and Agreements, makes it one Zambia two nations. The subsequent unconstitutional legislative changes to the Agreement without consulting the Litunga, make all the while BA64 not sufficient to sustain the unitary state of Zambia. What this entails is that Zambia has been ruling Barotseland illegally since 1969 when the abrogation of BA64 was documented and ratified. By the same token Barotseland has been legally free from Zambia without the people of Zambia and Barotseland knowing it, except the governments of Zambia and BRE. This is the reason why no one since 1964 has been charged with treason for Barotseland self-determination, and no one will today, unless they are perceived as ousters of either governments.

    Let it be noted that the legitimacy of BA64 and its serious consequences to the unitary state of Zambia is somewhat paradoxical. KK left the ratification pending on purpose to be resolved by the passage of time. Since time cannot invalidate legal issues nor are legal issues resolved by avoidance, that matter is still pending. The 1969 legislative acts may be able to abrogate the BA64, but are incapable of eliminating the Human rights of Barotseland to self-determination. We can talk about tribalism, terror, treason, one Zambia one nation, love etc. But if the government does not take a responsible gesture to, not only discuss the matter with the BRE, but dialogue with the aggrieved people and ultimately negotiate the terms of peace and way forward as was the case in 1964, the government of Zambia will be charged with genocide and crime against humanity.

    The International community is watching. At the end of the day, when the dust of rioting settles down and the blood of innocent victims reach Heaven, the dialogue over Barotseland 1964 Restoration will be allowed to continue in a peaceful manner in a way that satisfies both Zambia and Barotseland. This is true love for Zambia and our unitary state of affair. The true lovers of peace will advocate for dialogue rather than state of emergency and killing of innocent and unarmed citizens.

    One Zambia One Nation can only be, as long as it is clinging to BA64 legitimacy as the two are inseparable. May God bless Zambia as we continue to dialogue rather than kill each other.

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    THE SAINT 6 years

    I am sorry if I sound like I belittled your English. It is just that by your own confession, you said that you did not read the whole article.
    The author concludes by stating that someone must apologise for the wrongs done. He is not suggesting that the Lozi’s are Benjamin and the rest are Israel, but that there is an example of what the separation of a nation can do to a people, which he draws from the Holy Books.
    The Barotseland Agreement 1964, was signed by Dr Kenneth Kaunda and the British knighted King of the Lozi. If it is true that Barotseland was not a colony,
    1. how come the King of the Lozi knelt down before the Queen of England to be knighted? Surely, if he was a sovereign ruler, equal to Her Britannic Majesty, would that have happened? Mswati has never knelt nor even bow before Queen Lisbet.
    2. how come Barotseland did not go its own way like Botswana did with another vassal ruler called ‘Sir’ Khama!
    If Barotseland was just a Protectorate, the British would have needs transfered that ‘protection’ to another sovereign state such as Zambia.
    3. We know that the Litunga wanted independence too, hence the many Lozis who suffered for the independence of Zambia. You may call them traitors but they considered themselves very part and parcel of Zambia. The best that the Litunga could do, was to masintain a semblance of autonomy within the ambit of a Republican state.
    When I analyse the BA64, I see no difference between what went on in Barotseland from what went on in Chitimukulu’s or Mpezeni’s courts after 1964! Read the BA64 with the Natives Laws and you will see no difference.
    It was the Mulungushi reforms that changed the status quo.

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    Historian 6 years

    @ Jigga

    You think a list of names is what going to separate Zambia? Most of the people you have listed including those mentioned by the author of the above article are based mainly in Lusaka.

    Most of them live in Lusaka or around the Copperbelt, none or very few have invested or even live in Western Province, that is why Zambia can not be divided to please a greedy few.

    Zambia is way bigger than that.

  • comment-avatar
    Historian 6 years

    @ Jigga

    BA64 is not included in the history books of Zambia because it does not exist. The BA64 is not what gave birth to Zambia, that is clearly over-blowing the BA64 vuvuzela.

    The so called seven districts are all not in agreement, we read widely in the media how the Nkoya and others within Western Province have rejected the BNC resolutions. This is a fact not lies.

    The VP did say th BNC resolutions were “stage managed” yet another fact backed up by tonnes of evidence.

    There is no issue regarding the BA64, it is history, gone with the pre independence era, never to come back.

    The real issues of today are under development, unemployment, poverty etc those are real issues facing all Zambians that need to be dealt with not the BA64, it is a non starter.

  • comment-avatar

    Rodger chongwe COI reports missing in a thick of thin air,grz tried to doctor them but failed to wishaway the louder call for independence by the pipo of barotseland.

  • comment-avatar
    grace 6 years

    wow. this makes my heart sore. evidently people are quite angry, but still, in your anger, let’s not just be rude. we are all civilised human beings and it’s easy to throw stones on the internet where you can hide behind your computer screen! there is no need for name calling and the like, i’m sure the author meant well and was sincere in writing this. as i’m sure most people commenting are adults, please behave like it, and don’t just spurt things in anger. this is a discussion forum, everyone has opinions- you may not agree, but, there’s no need to be childish and disrespectful. i implore you.

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    our 78million pounds must be returned with interest,independence to be set!!

  • comment-avatar
    THE SAINT 6 years

    Jigga, you have misunderstood this very well written article. The author is simply saying this, there is too much glue among Zambians of all tribal background that letting the Lozi to go would damage the whole country so that even the Barotseland would not survive with a neighbour in distress. The ties that bind us together are not in the BA64, they are stronger than that and while it is acknowledged that the BA64 was mishandled, the way forward is to restore the agreement in its rightful place. Sadly, we now have a President who has elected to abuse the trust of not just the Lozi people but all none Luba-Lunda people, by his nepotism. It is President Sata who shall go down in history as the man who divided Zambia. There is bitterness in NW province, Southern Province, Central, Lusaka and Eastern Province by the heavy Bembanisation of government. What we see in Cabinet is just the tip of an iceberg because many more have been sent into diplomatic service where they can safely hide.

  • comment-avatar
    sam 6 years

    I hav a question: wat tribe is the wife 2 the litunga? Am nt tryng 2 b trible.

  • comment-avatar

    oh sorry,many from northern rhodesia ll soon start dyiing one by one from BP and this cardiac arrest,wat a terreble long painful life losing Barotseland,BAROTSELAND FREE STATE VIVA!!

  • comment-avatar
    Livingstone 6 years

    Historian. Is this the same vp who told parliament that people should not take seriously the promises made by the pf during campaigns? Are you want to believe a liar like him? A person who lied about the outbreak of swine at his farm and proceeded to compensate himself with govt money when he was agriculture minister! The Barotse National council comprises all chiefs and indunas in western province so the question of handpicking doesn’t arise. That is just part of the litany of lies and foolish propaganda you are spreading. You lot seem to be desperate. Just resolve the issue . Stop the foolish lies.