‘Let people demonstrate over Chiluba acquittal’

A Businessman in Kasama has appealed to government to allow people to demonstrate against the acquttal of second republican president, Dr Fredrick Chiluba.

Yonah Chishimba Services (YCS), proprietor of Yonah Chishimba, appealed to the Republican President Rupiah Banda to allow people to demonstrate peacefully over Dr. Chiluba’s acquittal.

Mr Chishimba said the people who want to demonstrate should be allowed to demonstrate peacefully.

He added that denying them the peaceful demonstration is suppression that hinders the tenets of democratic principles.

Mr Chishimba also said the people should be allowed to express themselves on national issues.

He cited the Nigerians who demonstrated against their government on fuel price hikes which reduced political tension.

Mr Chishimba further said people have confidence in the Rupiah Banda’s MMD government but refusing to allow them to demonstrate peacefully would be an infringement on their right to expression.

He, therefore, called on the MMD government to listen to what the people want to say for the sake of peace and unity in the nation.

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