Let students sit for exams, pleads HH

Let students sit for exams, pleads HH

*Let the Students sit for exams*

Yet again, the UNZA administration is refusing to allow students to sit for their final exams due to unpaid fees. We believe that education is a right and not a privilege. As such, we must pursue an amicable compromise that enables our students to progress.

The PF government are well aware of the economic hardship and the difficulty that our people face to even have a day of balanced meals. In view of this, we must exercise compassion and allow our students to write their exams and give them time to pay before they are eligible to graduate.

As we have stated before, UNZA’s perennial problems have been left unattended for far too long and they won’t go away unless and until the PF systemizes allocation of public resources to core areas such as education of our youth.

We repeat, UNZA students must be allowed to write their exams and the PF must redirect the resources that they lavish on political campaigns and bribing people, to resolving the financial problems at the University of Zambia.

We further wish to reiterate our long held position as UPND that when elected into government, all deserving students especially those from poor families will be granted Bursaries and no one will be turned away from writing exams on account of not paying their University fees.

The UPND will ensure that education is once more a core priority of government, and in that regard will reintroduce meal allowances and expand and enhance Bursary opportunities to all tertiary institutions, to ensure growth in human capital for the betterment of our communities.

Our children are the future and our investment in them is what will determine whether the future will be bright, or not.

Let the students write!


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    Muwerewere 1 day ago

    HH should not promise students haven on earth before fixing the economy, creating decent jobs through diversification and making agriculture mainstay of our economy. As for meal allowances, this should not be a priority but tuition fees and increase room space will solve students challenges. Yes UNZA management should allow students who have not paid their fees in full to write exams and withhold the results. That will be a better and human way to handle the situation. Every one is affected by the harsh economic situation not even PF GRZ has been spared. Its a miracle how God’s people are surviving given the negative impact which covid-19 has also brought about on commercial activities. We all need to lift up each other in these tough times soon we shall pick up the pieces and rebuild our economy.

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    C Roberts 2 days ago

    We thank you for your comments me President. There is one problem. If students that don’t pay are allowed to sit their exams, next time no one will pay. So the Faculty will not be able to operate. Best work out a secure loan to be paid off monthly after the exams. Unfortunately as in all countries rich and poor there is one rule for the rich and one for the poor. This is especially true in the justice system including police and prosecutors. In education more free education especially at uni level depending on ability to pay and an end to corruption

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    UNZA or no UNZA 3 days ago

    Kaunda fathered the free education policy. We got educated in masses. Today we are heavily funding cabinet ministers. Three Pajeros, walking allowance, standing allowance, dozing allowance, laughing allowance, absent allowance, pot belly allowance, honey bee allowance, shoe allowance, socks allowance, wife allowance, girlfriend allowance, gym allowance, church allowance. If all these allowances could be scrapped and invested in education, then as president HH says the future will be bright. No education means no future. Lets be serious. There is a partial lock down, no productivity hence people not getting paid. If government loves us give our kids subsidies let them write their exams.

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    Jovial Chikalanga 3 days ago

    Stundents should learn that an institution can not operate without money,let them pay or be paying in installments before exams commencez.

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    Kebby Musokotwane 3 days ago

    From a very early age we need to teach the Zambian that theres nothing for nothing. In the entire universe you cant make anything from nothing. People should be made to understand that education is an investment and as such they must put in what they want to get out.
    What HH should be doing is not to lie to students but help them by paying for their exams. The university cant operate without finances. Its either we declare free education and let the taxpayer foot the bill or leave payment to those who want the education.

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      HH MEANS WELL 2 days ago

      HH is talking about students writing whether they hv paid or not let them write!!! As a poor country Sone free education of some sort is a must., let us trust HH with leadership and things will change for the better

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        M. Malamo 2 days ago

        Some of us are beneficiaries of free education. Zambia is not too poor a nation to fail to provide free education. If Dr. Kaunda did it, why cant someone else do it? Be reasonable. The money being stolen by some people you know can be channeled to free education. Read the auditor general’s reports.

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        Tasty Calls 1 day ago

        Go and check Zambia’s GDP per capita at KK’s time versus now. In 1964 we had plenty of wealth which we have squandered. Means well and Malamo are conflicting when one says because we are poor we need free education and the other says we aren’t too poor to provide for free education.

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    Gilbert 3 days ago

    Very true indeed

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    Francis Bwalya 3 days ago

    Those words can only come from a Patriotic Zambian with a vision for the country