Let students suffer under Lungu

Let students suffer under Lungu

Personally Iam very happy with way the PF under this menomeno chap are treating university and college students across the country. These foolish, myopic students deserve what they are getting from PF.

We told them to use their brains and not their feet to think and vote for good leaders, but they joined marketeers in dancing Dununa reverse. So they should not complain when that ugly woman Nkandu Luo withdraws their meal, book allowances and ban their unions. They deserve it. That is just how life is. You can not defecate on the way and expect not to find flies on your back.

Today’ students are useless and are an embarrassment to society. This is why it is possible for a Satanic political venture like PF to bribe students to vote for them.
Yo never hear students stand up against social injustices, corruption in government, brutality of journalists, civil society and opposition by government. The only time you hear students speak or complain is when they have not received their pay. Very shameful. So if students don’t care about breakdown in law and order, theft of public resources by government and terrorising of dissenting voices, why should society care about them when they face the wrath of the government?

For me I don’t care. In fact I would be happier if the PF closed all universities and colleges.

Beat their stupid heads even harder .


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