Let the court hear all the evidence


What is the ultimate purpose of courts? Is it not to adjudicate, dispense and mete out justice? To resolve matters based on available evidence? Or are they a place where truth can be concealed or suppressed using Legal Acrobatics and manipulation?

Enough with Court Room acrobatics. We saw enough of them when Edgar Lungu and Miles Sampa were slugging it out for the PF Presidency.

Let the petitioners present their evidence and the Constitutional Court should allow for evidence presented in order that they can deliberate over it.

Article 103 says the court will hear a petition within 14 days. Nowhere in Article 103 does the constitution say that the Constitutional Court will DETERMINE a petition within 14 days.

Am personally tired of being subjected to Propaganda and politics in general. I feel that as a people we have spent too much time on Politics since the demise of Levy Mwanawasa, much to the detriment of all other areas in our country.

Let us allow the Constitutional Court to do it’s work. And in saying so, the Constitutional Court must also ensure it is seen to be doing it’s work.

The Constitutional Court must allow the petitioners to present their evidence in totality, so that their verdict will have been arrived at based on it’s merits or lack thereof.

If on the other hand this petition is dealt with using courtroom acrobatics, the Constitutional Court would have short changed the people, and rendered themselves and the legal profession irrelevant, as they would justify why people should resort to arms and violence to resolve (electoral) disputes, as is commonly the case in most of Africa.

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