Let the presidential petition be heard

Let the presidential petition be heard


Hello Zambia!! If Edgar Lungu is a man chosen by God to rule this country, and if this man was dully elected as president of the Republic of Zambia, and if he is a legitimate president why is Mr. Edgar Chagwa Lungu using every available approach and avenue to prevent and stop the PRESIDENTIAL PETITION from being heard? Why is Mr.

Edgar Lungu so aggressive on the opposition? Lungu has further taken a wrong move by arresting and incarcerating UPND President as a way of silencing and hushing him and as a way of deterring the PETITION from being heard.

I challenge this man! President Edgar Chagwa Lungu that if he is a man enough let him release HH and allow the courts to hear the PRESIDENTIAL PETITION.

Let him show us that he’s a real leader chosen by people and fore-chosen by God. It’s high time we have to start knowing good leaders and bad worst leader. I personally haven’t seen any absolute tangible antidote or crack from President Edgar C. Lungu for the tension and political problems that he has created.

President Edgar C. Lungu has continued to aggravate and compound political problems in Zambia.

Please President Edgar Lungu! We implore with you! Be a good leader and we will have no problems recognising you. You are a president and we need tangible expedient solutions. I am challenging you to settle these political problems with immediate effect.

I haven’t seen leadership yet in you Mr president. Not until you manage to settle down these political, social and economic challenges that my country is going through.

By virtue of refusing to release president HH and deterring the presidential petition from being heard, I question your legitimacy. Because to me it’s making me to presume that you never dully won the 2016 general election. Especially by just seeing how you have been reiterating about your legitimacy, it gives me a lot of doubts that you clearly won that election.

Intimidation is not the way to go. We are tired and sick of being intimidated by you using your agents and the Zambia Police. Please let everyone express themselves in any way they feel like. We all have the freedom of expression and freedom of association and assembly.

Why are you arresting anyone who speaks against you? When you are right you are right! And when you are wrong you are wrong. Don’t force people to call a wrong a right, and to call a right a wrong.

Stop unnecessarily arresting of people for their opinions, rights and freedoms.


Castrol Kafweta
The man against injustice and political intimidation.

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