Let us unite to fight PF corruption – Chifire

Let us unite to fight PF corruption – Chifire

By Gregory Chifiri
The European union (EU) offered to fund the construction of the Serenje/ Nakonde Road, covering 617.4 km at a cost of $480m, but there has been a delay by Government to commission this project, for reasons best known to the Executive wing of Government.

Meanwhile the Zambian govt opted to build the Lusaka/Ndola dual carriageway, 350km at $1.2bn.Note that two lanes of the dual carriageway are already there, it’s only one way carriage of two lanes to be constructed (normal road).

A few months ago, Sweden donated Ambulances each costing $52,000, meanwhile our prudent Govt paid $288,000 for one Ambulance, first payment for the said ambulances was made in December 2015,up till now, no single Ambulance has been delivered.

That having been revealed, many of us find it difficult to reconcile such differences.

Every right thinking Zambian has the right to know why there’s such over pricing in the procurement of goods and services. I wish Members of Parliament could seek clarification and demand for a commission of Enquiry into the Procurement process. This is not the only case, but a few of the many examples. The fire tender issues, is also still fresh in the minds of Zambians. One doesn’t need to be an expert to know that the fire tender deal was clothed in corruption.

The issues we are dealing with here go beyond partisan politics, they are about the future of Zambia. Let’s unite to fight this heavy corruption that has percolated through most part of the governance structures. The system is simply rotten to say the least. Those charged with responsibility to govern are behaving like monkeys in a maize field, eating and destroying everything they come across. Who shall call them to order? Who shall help us.

Inspite of the threats, we shall never give up. I would rather die on my feet than live on my knees to glorify thieves that have terrorised our economy. Yes it’s your time, the people’s time shall also come, for he that laughs last laughs the longest.

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