Lets agree in private, Sata tells HH

Patriotic Front President Michael Sata says he and his ‘partner’ Hakainde Hichilema of UPND need to meet privately before they can announce the PF/UPND pact presidential candidate.

Over the weekend Hakainde Hichilema called for the Pact to name its leader.

But on Tuesday,  Michael Sata was quoted in the media saying that that this was not possible because the two leaders needed to meet first in private to agree.

On Friday, 23 July 2010 Sata was on Hot FM claiming  that he was prepared to serve as Vice-president under HH.  In the same interview, Sata did not want the the pact leader to announced ‘now’ for fear of government victimization.

In the lower ranks of the pact, both Patriotic Front and UPND youths have been quoted in the press saying that they would conduct nationwide consultations from their members regarding the future of the Pact.

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