Lets continue mourning in peace and unity- HH

8 November 2014
Unity During the Mourning Period

Despite the challenging period that Zambia is facing, we can take pride in the manner that we have come together peacefully to mourn the passing of President Michael Chilufya Sata.

Regardless of political views, the manner in which the Zambian people have conducted themselves with dignity so far has been impressive and something our late President would have been proud of.

I reiterate that the Zambian people are our country’s best asset, and this has once again been proven in the way we have conducted ourselves in the past few days from the day we lost our President.

It is also gratifying that relative calm has returned in the ruling PF camp after some unfortunate incidences that almost disturbed the peace and unity Zambians have enjoyed over the years. Funerals are an emotional affair, but I am glad that eventually reason prevailed.

Any form of anarchy will be totally alien and a shame that would be against the wish of the departed President, who I still insist, deserves respect and honour, more so from his colleagues in the PF.

With a people driven Government in future I have high hope that Zambia will return to a country we, the Zambian people can all be proud of. Under the right leadership, Zambia’s future is bright.

For now, we all look forward to putting to rest the remains of our president on Tuesday and I call on all Zambians to exercise maximum restraint and respect, especially that we are expecting a lot of foreign dignitaries, let us demonstrate that which binds us together, that is peace and harmony.

May God Bless Zambia and May President Sata’s soul rest in peace.

Hakainde Hichilema
UPND President

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