Let’s discuss which PF clown can hold power till elections

By Nason Msoni

Let the debate now shift to debating and discussing possible alternatives and replacements as opposed to snooping and debating the ailment of President Sata.
This is an-end game without doubt and change is the only inevitable and progressive process that should now commence in earnest.

The disappearance and the silence itself is emphatic and clearly signals and points to the end-game and therefore it is futile effort to persistently keep sustaining and debating an issue whose end is apparent and by all means a foregone conclusion.

We think rather the debate now should focus more and more on the political future and the political transition from the old order to the new order using the existing constitutional mechanisms embedded in our current Republican constitution.

Prudence therefore now dictates that we should be analyzing amongst the remaining PF clowns who can actually handle and oversee this delicate power transition leading us through the 90 days period or less of choosing the ultimate substantive new head of state.

Where the viability of this process is considered unsuitable and inimical to public good order due to hooliganism and fragmentation and factionalism amongst PF clowns leading to the possibly of instability of government the only next logic option and effort of last resort is to open talks with opposition political leaders to consummate a transitional power sharing government to serve-out the remainder of the current failed PF mandate.

Without doubt work has suffered at the hands of the current infirmity that has hit and crippled the Zambian Presidency and requires an immediate lasting political solution for the country to move forward.

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