‘Lets have federal system to avoid dominion by one region’

‘Lets have federal system to avoid dominion by one region’

President Sata's nephew Miles Sampa

People’s party

{Formerly Zambia Direct Democracy Movement}

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Thursday, 30th November 2011

Press statement

We want to urge the people of Zambia to begin thinking of transforming Zambia into a federal state where each region will administer its own resources. The way things are at the moment, we are heading towards doom as a nation. We cannot have a situation where only one region can continue to dominate the affairs of this country. Our fear is that if things continue the way they are at the moment, we will face the worst crisis ever seen in the history of this country.

It appears the whole intention of “One Zambia One Nation” which was coined a very long time ago by our fore-father is slowly losing its meaning. We were made to believe that, in a country that was build on the spirit of unity, there will be power sharing. Each region was to taste power on an equal basis. But what we are experiencing today is something different. It appears people of one region  continue dominating running the affairs of this country.

What we don’t understand is why they want to be the only one to rule this country. Perhaps, it is better for us to have Federal State to avoid the pending trouble come. Our people are slowly losing patience. They cannot stomach the arrogance of some people is getting out hand.

Just imagine this Lusaka province Minister Miles Sampa urging the people of southern province to marry Bemba women as a condition for them to assume leadership. This was an insult of the worst kind to the people of Southern Province coming from a minister who hail from the northern region.

The impression he gave to the people Zambia was that it was only the Bemba that have good leadership qualities hence his decision to urge Tongas to marry Bemba women to produce good leaders from women in the northern region. Such unfenced talk will cause trouble in the country.

We wish to announce that soon and not long from now, we will be meeting various political leaders to discuss the idea of forming federal states system to avoid the pending trouble in the country. We believe it is only in federal democratic state were we shall see a more meaning change people desire. We are of the view that once federal states are formed there will be more jobs that will be created for people.

In the process of developing the areas, people will be working and they will generate money which they will put in their pockets. Each region has its own resources which would support residents of the region.

In fact we have already met some political parties, Civil Society Movement and Churches on the same idea. Their response has been very positive and has promised that they will support and sell the idea to their membership. Our hope is that this idea will be welcomed by all stake holders because it is our only hope for salvation as a nation.

We wish to caution people that our intention to call for a federal state has nothing to do with the idea of forming independent states. Far from it, what we are after is semi autonomous states within a very big state called Zambia. These states will manage their own affairs while reporting to the central government.

As we begin looking forward to the next elections let people begin to work on this idea which people’s party is peddling.

Issued by:

Mr. Edwin Sakala

People’s Party National Coordinator

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