Let’s learn from chickens

Let’s learn from chickens

Dear Sir,

I decided to spend my weekend at the farm to briefly escape from the open hostility and hullabaloo that has characterized this year’s presidential and general elections that shall soon be held in my country, Zambia. Whilst at the farm, I couldn’t help but observe that God’s creatures – the chickens, turkeys and guinea fowls are able to live in peace and harmony! They go in the bush searching for food together, they sleep together in one room without fighting over space and believe it or not…… they even play together!

But what about you and I? Going by the political atmosphere currently prevailing in the nation, this year’s elections are going to be one of the hotly contested in the country’s history but if the reports of violence being witnessed in parts of the country are anything to go by, it calls for serious concern. Political opponents are threatening to or indeed attacking each other with guns, machetes or catapults! We even have Priests who are going around slaughtering chickens at political rallies, what for? Should such things honestly be happening in a country that prides itself as a Christian nation? Where’s all this hate emanating from? Is it because of power, power at all costs?  

 Surely, we have a lot to learn from the birds!   

Prince Bill M. Kaping’a
Executive Director
Beautiful Gate Zambia

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