Let’s not repeat the same mistake


PF have unleashed yet another slogan in “sonta epo wabomba” and a few people , albeit within PF, are falling for it without asking the questions that really matter. Questions like, has the cost of living reduced? Is food affordable? Has the access to healthcare and education improved? Is PF’s governance record good in terms of freedoms and corruption? The infrastructure issue should be interrogated. Do you tile your house and stay hungry? Did the country spend using funds from real economic gains or from expensive debt?

The PF’s message so far is unclear on several issues and it’s a big mistake that most people are ignoring that. Jobs, lending rates, education system, university funding, fiscal discipline, sanitation, health, housing access, agriculture, food security, police brutality and many more are things we should examine should not be overshadowed by an empty slogan. One key issue is that the economy and the treasury are in a mess due to PF inconsistent policies and bad borrowing. The PF have admitted approaching the IMF for a bailout and so it’s pretentious for them to be telling us that the economy has improved under them. The adverts saying this are just ridiculous, because if your economy is stable what do you want with the IMF? This election is about the economy more than anything else. The IMF meeting schedule for after election is a big red flag. It confirms that our government which claims to be competent is the actually on its knees.

This election is also about credibility and reliability. How consistent is PF on their policies if they keep backtracking on them? How congruent are these policies if on one hand they are preaching austerity measures and on one hand spending recklessly? How competent are they if they continue to blame global forces for the downturn in the economy? There is an endless list of things PF have not fulfilled based on their 2011 promises and that is not debatable. What is in contention is whether they deserve another chance or not.

The mistake we Zambians should avoid making is to vote based on a simple thought process and just for the sake of winning. This is not football and music award show, its about what you experience everyday beyond August 11th. This is not about which party you like, between PF or UPND. It’s about which of the two has better policies, credible and competent leaders. Don’t be happy to see a certain candidate lose because you might be the one actually losing. HH and ECL are financially better off, so the real losers or winners can only be the citizens. So far the opposition can only propose alternative policies but it’s the job of PF to explain what they have done, what went wrong with the economy and how they will correct it. Filling up of stadiums without a manifesto is cheap talk. Sloganeering, the use of empty phrases, is a tool used by people who don’t know what to say or explain and just hope to create a buzz. ECL and HH also need to face off in an issue based debate. Most important lets watch out for conduct of ZNBC, the fake arrests, the tribal talk, the concocted stories or the name calling, the party using those methods is too weak to rule.
Richard W.

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