Let’s pray for RB so he is not harmed by PF – Ambassador Mwale

 By Joe Mwale

The ranting in Parliament by Vice President Guy Scott on Friday June 28, 2013 as reported by in the Saturday edition No. 6096 SA 602 of the Post Newspaper dated June 29, 2013 should not surprise anyone as they clearly confirm what we have all along feared, the safety of former President Rupiah Banda’s under the ruthless Patriotic Front, PF, regime.

Unless Guy Scott can predict the outcome of RB’s court cases, the words such as “Rupiah lucky to be on the loose” in Zambia literally means “LUCKY TO BE ALIVE.” The reference such as, “Is RB prepared to face the music” can only mean actual physical harm being hatched to inflict on his life, because the PF regime fear that the charges framed against the former president might not pass the test in court. Some concerned insiders of the PF regime have from time to time tipped Banda’s family about some things likely to happen to the former President.

There is therefore no doubt that Banda’s life is in imminent danger. I can only make a passionate appeal to all peace loving citizens of our nation to commit our former Republican President’s fate in their prayers.

  1. Side meeting with His Royal Highness Kalonga Gawa Undi – The Truth:

The problem with the PF leadership is the insatiable appetite to provoke our traditional rulers into fights, in order to instill fear in them. Imagine, a chief in Chipata was warned not to attend the funeral of former president Banda’s sister’s and yet the deceased was a subject in the same chiefdom.


  1. Upon receiving the sad news on the passing of Mr. Banda’s sister, the late Tisa Banda Jere, I requested the former president’s son Andrew Banda to make accommodation arrangements for all family members, including the former head of state before our departure for the funeral in Chipata. The following day Andrew called to inform me that all the preferred places of accommodation were fully booked. However, to our dismay, it was later whispered to us that infact some hotels and lodges had received instructions from the PF regime not to accommodate President Banda’s mourning entourage

When we arrived in Chipata on Monday June 24, 2013 , Andrew informed us that he had managed to secure some rooms at a lodge which we later learnt was owned  by His Royal Highness Kalonga Gawa Undi. We therefore proceeded to the lodge. Since am not a Satanist and as a believer in Christ, I swear in the name of the Heavenly Creator Jehovah God, that there were no pre-arranged side meetings with Kalonga Gawa.

Later in the evening while we were seated in the dining room waiting to be served dinner around 21 hours, the door flung open and someone entered the room who we all immediately recognised as Kalonga Gawa Undi. I realised that he also recognised the presence of His Excellency Rupiah Banda seated at the table.

Instantly, we all stood up to pay homage to His Royal Highness as per custom, whom I must say looked surprised to have found us at his lodge. He stood in the doorway and I can truthfully say the exchange of greetings lasted for about four minutes or so while standing. Before leaving he extended his condolences to the former president and wished all of us a comfortable stay. It is therefore evil to suggest that RB had side meetings with the chief. Just what kind of meeting can be held with the chief lasting less than five minutes while standing?

  1. Rupiah Banda supports Mutolo Phiri for Chipata Central seat:

Let me educate Guy Scott that there is nowhere in the Zambian constitution where it forbids a former head of state to exercise his right to choose a candidate of his choice, be it Banda or Kaunda. The nation has not forgotten that it was Mr. Michael Chilufya Sata Guy Scott himself and Dr. Peter Machungwa who used to parade themselves at the airport to receive the third Republican President late Frederick Chiluba. Can he now without shame tell the nation that Chiluba was wrong to associate with the PF? Or indeed can he truthfully tell Dr. Kaunda that it is wrong for a former head of state to not only associate but sing praises of the PF’s dictatorial regime? It is only someone high on some intoxicating substance/leaves which are criminalised by the Drug Enforcement Commission, DEC, who can not remember what was good for him only yesteryear. I now see why Hakainde Hichilema referred to him as some kind of weird muzungu.


With respect to Mutolo’s issue, what is true and fair is that together with the Chipata MMD leadership, he attended the funeral of the late mama Tisa Banda Jere.





  1. On assertions that Banda wants to go abroad in order to organise against some people who are prosecuting him:

It is no secret that the people Guy Scott is referring to is DPP Mutembo Nchito and his cartel members. Surely, does it require Banda to travel outside Zambia for the sole purpose of organizing  against certain individuals when it is common knowledge that the people he wants to protect have already been discredited here at home through some court rulings including the local media on plundered monies belonging to DBZ and ZRA and indeed the forged court documents to mention but a few?

Further, in this internet age, these stories have already reached all parts of the globe. Even foreign diplomats accredited to Zambia read and write about this corrupt PF regime and submit reports to their governments.

Lastly, instead of showing sympathy towards Banda’s bereavement by at least sending some message of condolences, the PF regime was instead busy engaged in some sordid act of cancelling his diplomatic passport just to inflict maximum pain on some one who is already in mourning.

God have mercy on the PF leadership.

The author has served as Zambia’s Ambassador to Japan

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