Let’s reject the Godless communism Sata is bringing

By a Watchdog Contributor
Zambia will soon boast twenty two years of the multiparty system. However, this system is in danger under President Michael Sata’s leadership.

His is consciously destroying multipartism to give way to the one party system and diabolic communist ideology based on the holding of all property in common.

Sata’s determination to introduce communism is deducible from his repressive leadership design and visits to North Korea and China last year to forge ties with communist parties. Patriotic Front (PF) Secretary-General Wynter Kabimba is currently in Cuba another communist country. Ducks do not fly together for nothing.

Regrettably, most of Sata’s cadres have no clue of his communist aspirations and are too naive to understand what communism will entail to their lives.

Communism must be rejected for its evil tottering philosophy and teachings that are spiteful to society.

Firstly, Zambia is a God fearing nation that is bound by transcendent values.  Nevertheless, Sata is courting communism that denies the very existence of God and transcendent values. The belief that there is ‘no God’ is the foundation upon which the whole philosophy of communism is grounded.

As a result, the introduction of communism will move this nation away from God and transcendent values. What will then happen to this nation which is already grappling with moral challenges? Certainly, licentiousness will be a commonplace and Civil Society and the Church will have serious hitches to promote transcendent values.

Most of Sata’s cadres are blind followers. They do not know that communism is a religion based upon worshipping a leader like a deity. Thus, it was not in vain that Sata’s regime made it mandatory to display his official portrait in all public places. In communist countries like North Korea, Laos, Vietnam, Cuba, and others, the image of the leader appears ‘everywhere’ not for nothing but religious purposes.

Not long ago we were told that some people are seeking permission to erect 5-metre high statues around the country in honour of Sata. This is a common practice in communist countries, and places where these statues are erected become ‘sacred’ places of pilgrimage.

People should not be fooled to think that communism is a mere political ideology. It is equally a religion! It has all the accessories of an organized religion. Its messiahs are Karl Marx, Friedrich Engels and Vladimir Lenin. Its ‘sacred’ scripture are the writings of these men, and its prophets are today’s communist leaders also emerging in Zambia.

Very soon crime in Zambia will be defined as rejecting Sata’s communist regime and conversion becoming Sata’s supporter. Faith will be trust in Sata’s dogmas and it will be forbidden to have other political parties except PF, the communist party.

Countrymen and women, the void in our hearts should not to be filled by some kind of false religion in the name of communism. Never should the throne of our country and of our individual lives be occupied by communism.

The same ideology openly denies God/Creator. If nothing has ever been created, then matter according to communists is eternal. This is a materialistic thinking that is totally contrary to reality and truth we need to embrace in this nation.

Materialism is a fraudulent, deadly and doomed philosophy. It is satanic! It teaches that everything is matter and matter is everything! Therefore, it denies the existence of our souls or spirits.

This hopeless view affirms that death ends all, meaning that there is no future to look forward to. In this belief, people were not created but just evolved. Therefore, people are not important than a maggot in a sewer. For this reason, just like Satanism, it is hedonistic. It calls for unrestricted self-indulgence because there is no purpose to people’s lives.

It is not true that there is no purpose as to why we are here in this nation. Until we wake up from slumber this nation is going to cuddle a very dangerous communist ideology.

It is foolishness of the highest order to blindly support Sata’s communist ideology without understanding its implications

Communism blames society for people’s ills, meaning that people’s problems are seen to be with individual ‘elements’ and not with society. Thus, Marx taught that the only way people’s lives could be improved would be to eliminate the ‘evil-producing’ elements in society.

This erroneous teaching allows the elimination of individuals perceived to be ‘evil-producing’ in society. If a relative is abducted by government agents you cannot question their actions because that individual or relative is deemed to be an ‘evil-producing’ element.

If we do no say ‘no’ to the communist ideology Sata is courting, we are inviting a climate of intimidation and serious human rights violations: abductions of citizens and arbitrary arrests. This is not a type of society we want!

It is ridiculous to support communism that teaches that the end justifies the means. Communism does not believe in moral absolutes. Since they deny the existence of God, they have no interest in ‘rules’. For them, something is wrong if it hinders the cause of communism and something is right if it advances the communist cause.

Thus, lying like the way Sata does, or bribing opposition Members of Parliament (MPs), or wasting government resources on by-elections and others are perfectly moral and right if they help to bring about victory for communism. Lenin once said, ‘promises are like pie-crusts-made to be broken.’ Therefore, this ideology allows the use of any means whatsoever to realise the ‘end’. For this reason, communists believe that if a lie is in the best interests of communism then it would be morally right to lie making Sata’s regime the nation’s sanctuary of crooks.

The end will never justify the means! It is never right to do wrong in order to do right. Ours is a society of ‘rules’ and are we happy with our multiparty democracy.

The communist ideology must be rejected unsparingly because it enslaves people and takes away their freedoms.

Our Constitution is designed to protect people’s rights in this free nation. Zambians are blessed with fundamental rights and freedoms; therefore, the introduction of communism is not welcome as it is taking away people’s rights and freedoms.

There is already little freedom to own private property. Sata can easily take anyone’s bank statements and expose it to the public in spite of the right for people to own property and the code of banking practice that upholds the right to financial privacy.

Today, those who seek to exercise their right to assemble, move and associate are not only denied their freedoms but also harassed.

Missionaries are finding a closed door and the preaching of the gospel is becoming forbidden as we saw when government deported Fr. Viateur Banyangandora to Rwanda.

The signs of communism are everywhere. The press and the news media are controlled by Sata’s regime to propagate ‘black propaganda’ to the people.

At the rate democracy is collapsing, one wonders if in 2016 people will be allowed to vote. If allowed, they may only be one communist name on the ballot. The expectation of free and fair elections is unachievable as by-elections are characterised with violence, killings and inducement.

We have taken for granted the freedoms we have been enjoying the past two decades. What is sad is that it will take the introduction of communism for us to see the need to treasure and guard the freedoms we have been enjoying.

Let us seriously pray that we might continue to enjoy these freedoms and God might continue to be at the throne of this country.

People should not be deceived to believe that communism can co-exist with Godliness. The two are diametrically opposed to one another.

As we are already witnessing, very soon a select communist coterie will be controlling every aspect of our lives. They will control what we are allowed to think, say, and do.

We are fast headed down the path where every person must bow to the sitting regime to get permission to wipe our own bottoms, and how much water we can flush with, literally!

Little by little, our freedoms are vanishing. Let us stand up against communism because its teachings are flawed and will dethrone people of their freedoms and the nation its sovereignty.

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