Let’s stop pretending, things are not okay’

The ten (10) months since the last election looks like a long time to many Zambians. So many things have happened, good and bad, strange and obvious. Considering the current state of affairs, I think that our current leadership should answer some questions or must indeed have some questions in their minds.
Is Zambia on the right course? Is our democratic credential in the right place? Are we doing enough to build on what Dr. Kaunda with his mates fought for? Are we improving the lives of the Zambians? Are the children in Chibolya, Dambwa, Kapisha, Senama, Musenga Township in Kasama and indeed any other compound in Zambia having enough to eat?
The PF must answer the question; is the party inspiring confidence in the Zambian people who put them in power? And finally the Zambian citizens must answer if we are doing enough for our country. We must quickly realise that politicians are like babies, they have to be checked from time to time.
Truth is, things are not right in Zambia and everyone knows including those who want to pretend merely because they belong to the party in power. It is extremely wrong and worrying that even when we know we are headed in the wrong direction ‘some of us’ want to pretend. This has potential to land our country in trouble. It is bizarre that a country whose unemployment levels remain high, poverty levels sky rocketing and the people hugely divided and yet our ruling party see the desire to debate the next president for an election that is coming in the next four (4) years.
It is evident that the PF is an expert political party in diverting the attention of the citizens. They have introduced intra party wrangles just so they can manage to let Zambians forget that President Lungu lied about the opening of Mulungushi textiles. The PF promised Zambians that they would reduce the price of mealie meal after introducing solar milling plants. Little did we realise it was political rhetoric. The milling plants have remained on paper. One can only conclude that the PF has failed to deliver and have no vision for this country, hence the in-fighting.
Zambia can only be great once our leaders make a decision to do that which is good and right. Our leaders must begin asking themselves some individual questions and find out from their conscious if at all they have any if what they see today can make our country great again. Is this what they would be happy to see if they found themselves on the other side of the coin? This is a question that can only be answered by President Lungu and his allies.
Zambia remains a Christian nation but unfortunately even those who are not Christians know that our Christianity is only on paper (Our constitution). We do not practice what we preach and this is a reality we must confront with boldness. In a Christian nation, many of our citizens are scared to speak their minds for fear of victimization. It appears as though we are now living and surviving at the mercy of those in power. It is even more worrying that after introducing the ministry of religious affairs, our church is confused and divided to the point of failing to provide coordinated counsel to our head of state.
Fellow Zambians! Agree with me that ‘peace’ like ‘trust’ in a love affair is one commodity that once lost is very difficult to gain. The PF must therefore treasure this opportunity the Zambian people gave them to safeguard our democracy. The game changer at this point is to make sure the fish does not rot at the head. The question is; how do we ensure this does not happen?
I am of a considered view that H.E President Lungu and the entire PF leadership are too much in a dash and must slow down. We are not rushing to a football match or concert. This is a country you are leading and must therefore demonstrate patience and tolerance. It worries me that everything President Lungu says come to pass apart from good things. Not long ago, from his mouth came words that he would make sure the post newspapers was closed, that story is well known to everyone. While at a campaign rally in Kabwe before the last general elections, President Lungu warned that he carries a big stick despite having a small body. In the same breath he threatened to arrest some people, again this story is well known. I am hoping he does not say more that may too come to pass. He simply is a prophet of his own.
The Patriotic Front must realise that President Lungu can only succeed in his leadership if his party provides appropriate advice. As it stands now, no one in the PF apart from a few that are now considered recluses speak the truth. The rest are drunk with power and a sweet life. It is also important for the PF to understand that their success in governance is not dependent on how well they oppress the opponents but how best they respond to the needs of the ordinary citizens. Good governance requires that leaders listen to the cries of their people.
I wish to remind the PF that the same institutions they are using today to victimise others may work against them at a later stage. Her Ladyship Mumbi Phiri must communicate to the rest in the PF that “their days are numbered”. Truth is the PF wont be in power forever. Lastly I humbly ask President Lungu to find where he placed his humble jacket at state house.
The bible in James 4:14 says “Yet you do not know what tomorrow will bring. What is your life? For you are a mist that appears for a little time and then vanishes”.
God bless Zambia.

David Kapoma
Governance Activist

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