Let’s support Zambian entrepreneurs like Savenda

Let’s support Zambian entrepreneurs like Savenda


Allow me to make a comment on the current scenario in our country where we seem not to be appreciating the efforts being made by indigenous Zambians to contribute to the wellbeing of our economy.

We seem to be forgetting that foreign direct investment alone cannot be sufficient enough to lift us from the depths of poverty if we, Zambians, don’t take an active role in driving the wheels of our economy.

A good example I can cite is the recent media report which said Savenda Management Services, which is headed by Mr Clever Mpoha, has invested a colossal sum of US$1.5 million in state-of-the-art expressprinting equipment and also opened a showroom in Lusaka.

Clearly, these are kind of efforts all well-meaning Zambians should support because, at the end of the day, there’s no capital flight from the profits that accrue from such investments.

What sad situation I have noticed over a long time is the tendency by fellow Zambians to try and smear mud on Zambians businessmen who have grown their investments to international levels.

There’s no doubt in my mind that for Savenda to have grown to a level of partnering with international business networks, it is because of the trust and confidence in Mr Mpoha’s business acumen.

It is, therefore, incumbent upon every Zambian to ensure that we don’t practice the so-called Pull Him/Her Down syndrome which is simply retrogressive.

I just can’t understand why we seem to glorify the strides that have been made by foreign business entities at the expense of our hardworking business people whose works are able to compete at high level.

It is no mean achievement to have sustained a company for more than 20 years and, in the process, opening up many other specialized branches and departments such as construction, insurance, logistics and supply of mining equipment.

This is exactly what Savenda Management Services has done over the years.

My appeal to the Zambian media institutions is to help bring out the success stories of such forward-looking companies whose investments are contributing to job creation as well as the growth of the country’s gross domestic product.

As the fourth estate, the media can play a critical role in this regard.

As such, I was impressed by the story that was published by this outlet a few weeks ago about how Savenda Management Services has been contracted, through a World Bank-funded project, to put up an irrigation scheme worth US$4.5 million in Lusitu, Chirundu district.

This is encouraging to Zambian companies because it shows that they can compete among international companies and still win the confidence of all stakeholders.

Concerned Zambian patriot


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