Letter to Sata’s wife

Dear editor,
Through your media, am writing this letter to the First Lady in the hope that she conveys this message to the President.  Madam First Lady, let our father know That meal mealie prices are so high sitikuta nsima because we can’t afford to cook full pot. And our dogs are the worst sufferers because we no longer leave left overs.

While your relatives afford to eat from subway, when we  go to mandHill at lunch hour, all we can afford is window shopping and wait for 14 hours. Mama Kaseba, plead with our father to increase other things but leave our mealie meal but we don’t care about our looks but we sure care over our five finger.

We are grateful to have a new leader, grateful for last years salary increments but this price increase in commodities is making us fail to keep relatives.  Hunger if you are not aware can bring about a lot of embarrassments.

Inorder for one to have a healthy mind, we need healThy bodies and as a medical doctor, you know better.

Ala mayo, tatule ikuta ubunga nabu dula, Balunde fimbi batushileko

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