Letter to the Editor of the Post

Dear Sir
I am feeling more and more strongly about the behaviour of the Post Newspaper and would appreciate your publishing the following letter to the Editor of the Post
Dear Sir
If I were to have a face to face conversation with you, it would probably go something like this:
I believe that not only are you a disgrace to your profession as a journalist but that you have caused irreparable harm to the Nation of Zambia. It is one thing for a newspaper to support a particular political party, it happens everywhere in the world. We all have our likes & dislikes and political and economic convictions. But it is totally another in the manner that you have completely fabricated stories, withheld vital publications and printed half or more likely quarter truths. The list goes on and on!
I have never met you, but from what I can deduce, I think that you are a spiteful , greedy and petty person who is looking out for his own interests above everything else, even including the long term stability of Zambia. This is unforgivable and you will, I repeat, will be held accountable for it at some time or another.
The power that the press holds is immense and you have betrayed a sacred trust for whatever twisted reasons that you may have. Money is the root of all evil, so I assume that you are no different to the rest of us by wanting to make as much of it as you can and keep your grubby little hands on it. I also assume that some of the supposed power that you may have over the PF also gives you a sense of importance. Perhaps you think you are protecting secrets – nobody really cares about your ‘’secrets’’ and although you may think that you are in the driver’s seat – in reality you are also being manipulated.
I have no problem with your crusade against RB or anyone else –‘’ if he has done the crime he must do the time’’ as they say and he must be held accountable – but through the due process of the law!  A newspaper’s function is to report the news, factually, not invent the news.
I have had the utmost admiration for your newspaper since its inception and always eagerly looked forward to the Weekly Post publication each week as you were the only truthful publication at that time. What has gone wrong? Where did you lose your way? I exhort you to look inward and examine yourself as frankly as an individual can examine oneself.  Nothing lasts forever, things change, we grow frail and pass on, In your twilight years will you be able to truthfully say to yourself that you looked out for the best interest of your motherland?
Yours in the Nation
A very concerned citizen

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