Letter to the president

Dear My President

I understand you don’t read watchdog or maybe the Aides will read and pass this letter to you. This comes from the bottom of my heart. I was very happy to see you in the tomb our savior Jesus was laid to rest after being hung on cross for our sins and inequities. This is a mile stone for you and some of us who have never been there.

My Prayer My President is that you should seriously seek the face of God in view of your visit. Go through the book of John and read through the life Jesus led and the life he urged us to lead. The questions that you should deal with as you seek the face of God is why is half of the country not recognizing you as president?

Why is the biggest opposition not recognizing you as president? Why are we having so much deaths in our country under your lead? Why are poverty levels high right now? Why are you having sleepless nites even with the best security in the country? My prayer is that you need to seriously look at your actions and seriously seek the face of God. You are surrounded by wolves who are enriching themselves and hiding the truth from you. God will judge you as the head of state.

These people around you are using your name to do wrong things but at the end it’s you to be answerable. The question is why can’t you get rid of these wolves? Right now 600 plus Post employees are suffering some have died under your leadership and the people dealing with the post are using your name. Your beef with Fred has Forced these families to be languishing. Yes you can have all the power like Tricky Dick ( Richard Sakala) or Amos singing singing praises to you but the time will come when you will have to meet with the creator and account for the lives you have thrown into poverty. My request is since you went to Israel and met with God I pray that you will find it in your heart and stop the rot in the Post Liquidation case. Right now this country is in a situation where we don’t know who won the elections. Am asking why can’t the petition be heard we know what really went wrong in the elections we know who won the elections.

hadim2 If you won Mr president why can’t you allow the petition to take place. Do not listen to a bunch of selfish people who after just making money. One example I can give you, have you ever asked Amos Chanda where he got money to buy that wayaya place when the guy used to eat lunch at the Post Newspaper Canteen just 5 years ago? My Prayer right now My President is that please continue read the watchdog also you will get to know what is happening on the other side of life. I don’t know if you know about the lives that where lost at OYDC coz you are quiet no Say.

We are praying for you for good health and long life. Long life comes when you treat others the same way you want others to treat you. Forget clowns like RB. This is between you and your God. Goodnite Zambian for Lungu

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