Letters from State House embarassing

Dear editor.
> I have just finished reading excepts from a letter from State House in response to concerns by the MMD President on the appointment of their members to deputy ministerial positions.
> The concerns by the MMD is that these appointments are done without the consultation of the party and are weakening the party.
> Instead of addressing that issue, State House goes on personal attack on the person of Dr. Nevers Mumba and of his calling as a pastor. The letter from State House goes on to declare that the president will continue to appoint whoever offers himself or herself regardless of what Dr. Mumba thinks.
> I find this letter unproffesional, undiplomatic and not fit to come from State House! Imagine how silly our history would read if such kind of letters were to be compiled into diaries from State House for our posterity? What will our children think of us and the type of leaders we allowed to preside over the affairs of this nation?
> This letter is also devoid of historical facts and avoids to mention the reason why the PF tried to expel its rebel MPs.
> The fact that our laws has a loophole that allows the President to appoint the opposition into government does not make the act morally and politically correct. Ours is a multi party parliamentary system and not one party state!
> The PF should stick to its own PFs and leave the opposition be.
> The opposition contributes to our development and democracy by being by true to their party and providing an alternative view to the governance of the country.
> The letters from State House and their press releases need to show maturity and the stately function that they serve.
> The MMD should be allowed to keep their MPs on their side of the House without being ridiculed by State House.
> Mthoniswa Banda

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