Levy Shopping mall builder accuses Watchdog of ignorance & Malice


Dear Editor,

I refer to your article entitled “Ministers, Director loot money
meant for Levy Junction construction” published today Tuesday,
September 14, 201 at 11:49.

I wish to state that your allegations are serious and you should
know that we as a Company will consider legal action so that you
could now come and substantiaten with your proof.

It’s very clear that you know very little of what you are
talking about including knowledge of how a project is financed.
I see malice in your article.

You did not even care to follow your journalism ethics of
checking or verifying your facts. You will not hide behind the
internet because you have to stand for your allegations.

The internet was not meant to be a medium of parroting lies and
perceived half truths – which you are now circulating as fact
and truth.

I have sent you a comment and I hope you will have the guts to
publish it.

Within 48hrs, kindly advise me on your postal or physical
address where we would serve you legal summons and notices,
otherwise, we will serve them on the known persons working for
your publication.

You have the freedom to publish, but, we also have the liberty
to take remedial action.

Emmanuel Chilekwa
Corporate Affairs & H.R. Manager
Zcon Construction Company Ltd
Chinika Industrial Area
P O Box 38868
Tel: +26-211-287085
Fax: +26-211-287084
Mobile: +26-0978-985303

“Pressure shows out the real you”
 EDITOR’S NOTE: The Watchdog has no apologies on this article as it is true. Emmanuel Chilekwa, the gentleman preaching journalism ethics above is a computer graphics artist. Between 2001 and 2002, he was publishing and editing a pink newspaper he called “The People”. In early 2002, he was arrested for publishing  a fake story demeaning then newly elected president Levy Mwanawasa. He was caged at Kamwala remand prison. When he was taken to court from prison after a few weeks, he shocked the media fratenity by withdrawing his story and apologising to Mwanawasa. He accused former president Fredrick Chiluba of giving him the story. Chiluba mocked him but appropriately advised him that journalists should defend their articles.  Charges against Chilekwa were dropped and he was freed from jail. But his journalism career ended and his newspaper collapsed. Today he is preaching ethics to the Watchdog?

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