Lewis Mosho goes wild with stolen money

Lewis Mosho goes wild with stolen money

After illegally closing Post newspapers and making huge profits from the plunder,

Lewis mosho begins to enjoy his ill earned money by sleeping with Lusaka Girls .

Lewis mosho has rented a flat at Fallsway apartment along Thabo Mbeki road in Lusaka, where he is paying about 40,000 Kwacha a month for rent. He uses the fully furnished house to host parties during the weekend and brings small girls whom he sleeps with. The latest on the girls’ lost is Priscilla Nguni, a 19 year old girl who became famous for sleeping with Mainga Mwanga in 2015 when she was only 16.

Currently, Mosho is paying for her fees at Zcas , paying for her rentals in a house she lives with her parents .

He pays her and her friends about 3000 Kwacha to sleep with them. The girls don’t work but are able to spend over 4000 a night at Cappons VViP club at East park drinking expensive beers like Moet, courtesy of Mosho.

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