Liato accused of poisoning his rival, as Police arrest 7 youths

Liato accused of poisoning his rival, as Police arrest 7 youths

LiatoSeven  youths from the ruling PF in Kaoma are spending the weekend in police cells after they were nabbed for attempting to burn Isha-Mbingos, a guest house and bar belonging to former Kaoma MP, Austin Liato. This follows a mysterious death of a local politician, Mr. Kayombo, who was warming to contest the Mangango seat under PF.

Mr. Kayombo died at UTH from organophosphate poisoning, and was put to rest on Wednesday in Kaoma. His supporters believe he was poisoned by the former Labour and Social Security Minister, Honorable Austin Liato who is positioning himself for adoption on the Mangango seat under PF.

Police sources have said Mr. Kayombo met Mr. Liato in Lusaka when he went to pick a campaign vehicle at the PF secretariat. There, it is believed he shared a drink with Liato who tried to dissuade him from applying for nominations. The former refused, and it was then that Liato laced his drink with a poison.

And a family source has said when the deceased fell ill and was unconscious, Liato had him locked in his vehicle and pretended to have lost the keys until some people broke the vehicle window and rushed him to UTH where he was found to have been poisoned. He died a few hours thereafter.

During the burial ceremony, scores of PF cadres promised revenge after it was rumored by police that Liato who is in Lusaka can not be arrested as he is protected by President Lungu.

Working on a tip, police arrested the 7 cadres after they were cornered with containers of petrol and diesel near Liato’s property.

A check at Kaoma police found the 7 clammed with other detainees in


a small police cell pleading for opportunities to go to the toilet. The police officer on duty could not allow them though.


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