Lifuka challenges next Government to implement pro-poor budget

Transparency International Zambia (TIZ) President Rueben Lifuka has challenged the next regime to ensure it implements a budget that will help alter the current approach to development and work towards driving and revising pro-poor policies to redress issues such as poverty.

Lifuka told 5fm that there is need for the new Government to improve management of resources to allow for the smooth running of the nation’s affairs.

He said the in-coming leadership should implement policies that will advance the system and have Zambian people as priorities as opposed to the favoring of foreigners.

Lifuka noted that the 2012 budget must be pro-poor with an analysis of investment policies and not fake economic growth statistics.

He said the next Government should address poverty and other critical issues both in urban and rural areas if the country is to boast of meaningful economic growth.

Lifuka further said there is need for extensive debates concerning the budget as it determines the direction the nation will take and is a tool that leaders will use to provide adequate social services for the citizens.

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