Lifuka denies confisicating election materials

Transparency International Zambia (TIZ) has condemned Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) Spokesperson Chris Akufuna for distorting information regarding the collapse of voting booths that were discovered near the European Union Car Park on Los on Angeles Boulevard in Lusaka on Sunday.

In an interview with the watchdog, Lifuka said he finds it mischievous that Akufuna, as reported by ZNBC, stated that the TIZ President in the company of Patriotic Front (PF) cadres confiscated ECZ election materials.

He said he arrived at the EU offices after he received a call from TIZ Good Governance Officer, Francis Mwale who noticed a box of election materials bearing the ECZ logo propped against a tree about 3metres from the main road but near the EU car park.

Lifuka stated that upon arrival he had a brief conversation with people he found at the scene and proceeded to contact ECZ official Sylvia Bwalya and despite introducing himself Bwalya cut him off insisting that she was in a meeting and could not take his call.

He disclosed that Mwale managed to contact Akufuna who when updated on the situation insisted that the box could have simply flown off a moving truck, a statement which eye witnesses disputed.

The TIZ President said that Akufuna indicated that there was a truck distributing election materials and most likely the box in question n was from that truck.

Lifuka confirmed that Akufuna later suggested that the box be taken to the ECZ offices but the suggestion was rejected by people at the scene on account that the circumstances under which the box found itself propped against a tree needed to be investigated.

He said Akufuna later contacted a Mrs Manzi who was in charge of logistics for Lusaka and informed the gathering that Mrs Manzi would pass through and deal with the issue.

Lifuka disclosed that he left the scene after Manzi promised to handle the matter as it was of great concern.

He stated that he was shocked to later hear on ZNBC that he in the company of PF cadres had confiscated ECZ election materials.

The TIZ President said he called Akufuna and demanded that he retracts the statement which was false and mischievous intended to smear TIZ‘s reputation by alleging that the organization is partisan.

Lifuka further said TIZ has demanded for ZNBC and ECZ to make necessary correction of the erroneous statement within 24hours and failure to which, the organization has instructed its lawyers to take legal action.

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