Lifuka: how can ACC impartially investigate sitting ministers?

Lifuka: how can ACC impartially investigate sitting ministers?


Transparency International Zambia president Rueben Lifuka says the Anti Corruption Commission (ACC) will not investigate the two corruption accused ministers with impartiality without them stepping down.

Lifuka was reacting to the comment by the Law Association of Zambia (LAZ) vice-president Martin Musaluke who said the accused Defence minister Geoffrey Mwamba and Justice minister Wynter Kabimba are not legally obliged to resign from government while being probed.

“For as long as the ministers stay in power, there is no way that the ACC will investigate them professionally. The two ministers need to say I have stepped down until you the ACC are done with your investigations, and if they are innocent, they will be cleared. There is no need for them to wait to be forced to resign,” Lifuka said.

Mwamba, also known as GBM is accused of soliciting supply contracts from the power utility company Zesco and since the scandal was exposed in the media, the state has pressured him to resign by withdrawing his military escort and home security.

Kabimba on the other hand who is accused of influencing the awarding of Oil supply contracts to Trafigura has pledged to stepped down once the ACC writes to him with the details of what they intend to investigate.

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