Lifuka urges political parties to state their source of funds

Transparency International of Zambia (TIZ) President Rueben Lifuka has called on all political parties to state their source of funding.

In a statement, Lifuka said his organization is concerned with the careless spending of the former ruling Movement for Multi-party Democracy (MMD) during campaigns prior to the September 20 elections.

He noted that though, MMD misused a lot of public resources it would be unfair for it to be the only party questioned, adding that all political parties in the nation must state their source of monies they use.

Lifuka also said there is need for political parties to operate transparently so that citizens can have confidence in them to lead Zambia.

The TIZ President further said political players must be probed and ensure that those found wanting are dealt with accordingly to allow democracy and good governance to prevail.

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