Lifwekelo advises RB to fire Namulambe

Lifwekelo (Left) With Siulapwa

Lifwekelo (Left) With Siulapwa

The Forum for Leadership Search-Zambia has called on Republican President Mr. Rupiah Banda not to hesitate to discipline or fire irresponsible Ministers that do not add value to his vision.

Organisation Executive Director Edwin Lifwekelo, told ZANIS in a statement today that people who do not agree with the President Banda’s style of leadership should resign from both government and the party instead of frustrating his administration.

Reacting to sentiments expressed by Science and Technology Minister Gabriel Namulambe and former Defence Minister George Mpombo that people in Lambaland felt injured and frustrated by constant attacks on the legacy of late President Mwanawasa, Mr. Lifwekelo said those that are sad that the Lamba‘s are not receiving any more favors from the MMD and government should quit instead of causing ‘confusion’ in the party.

Meanwhile Mr. Lifwekelo has said there is need for the media to play a responsible role in the democratic process in the country.

He said the media should consider striking a balance between rights and responsibilities instead of encouraging hostilities in the country.

Mr. Lifwekelo said simple tests for responsibility on the part of the media are their accuracy in reporting and their ability to offer a broad range of representative views.

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