Lifwekelo says Sata has been vindicated

Lifwekelo says Sata has been vindicated

Lifwekelo (right) with Humphrey Siulapwa

Forum for Leadership Search executive director Edwin Lifwekelo says the PF government has been vindicated on its corruption fight.

Lifwekelo was referring to the seizure of K2.1 billion at Austin Liato’s farm by police last night.

Lifwekelo, a former die hard MMD supporter said Liato’s keeping money at his house is economic sabotage.

He expressed anger that former ministers have that kind of money but people like him who supported the MMD did not benefit.

Lifwekelo was one of the people running NGOs that were condemning Sata left right and centre during the elections.

On August 5, 2011, Lifwekelo said Patriotic Front (PF) leader Michael Sata’s behaviour during the presidential aspiring candidates’ meeting with the electoral commission of Zambia was uncalled for and childish.

Lifwekelo said that the PF leader’s behaviour at Mulungushi International Conference Centre was a political circus adding that it should be an eye opener to Zambians to vote for leaders with integrity.

He added that Sata’s behaviour was an embarrassing episode and a political circus.

Lifwekelo wondered how the PF leader could represent the Zambian people at international gatherings with such a character.

Lifwekelo who described the PF leader as a comedian said Sata had never been a serious politician.

He added that Mr Sata had no agenda for Zambia and that his participation in politics was just a fundraising venture.

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