Lifwekelo outlines dangers of lifting RB’s immunity

Forum for Leadership Search Executive Director Edwin Lifwekelo has warned that plans to lift former President Rupiah Banda’s immunity will have serious retributions on future Presidents too ghastly to contemplate

Mr Lifwekelo tells QFM in a statement that it is becoming clear that in Zambia when one becomes a president, they should pray and fast that they do not become former Presidents.

He proposes the immediate removal of the presidential immunity from the republican constitution if people do not appreciate its relevancy.

He says this will subject anyone who breaks the law to be prosecuted as and when need arises instead of waiting to be striped of their immunity when their term expires.

Mr Lifwekelo adds that any move to remove former president Rupiah Banda’s immunity based on political machinations rather than irrefutable evidence will naturally be met with resistance and likely to undermine the fight against corruption.

He says past experience has shown that the passion to remove immunity of former presidents has been driven by vengeance rather than genuine political will.

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