Musician Lily T has died

lilytembo20061Zambia musician Lilly Tembo known as Lily T has died.

Lily T, 27, died at UTH Monday evenning. She had a history of gastritis, according to reports.

According to UK Zambia magazine, Lily Tembo alias lily T was born in Kabwe in the central province of Zambia on the 20th of November 1981. Zambia is lily’s parent’s homeland. Her mother comes from the north western part of Zambia from a tribe called Kaonde, while her father comes from the eastern part of Zambia from a tribe called Nsenga.

Lily T grew up in a highly musical family at home and in the extended family. Both her parents who are late now, were great music lovers and vocalists who influenced her greatly from childhood. Her father played the African bongo while her mother and sisters sung in the church.

As a young girl, Lily developed a passion for Zambian music and with the influence of South African music, she begun to dream of becoming a musician. She begun to imitate her father and other Zambian musicians in the hope that one day her dream comes true.

After high school, she hoped to enroll for a diploma in music but her guardians did not approve of the course and found herself pursuing a course in journalism at the Evelyn hone College of applied arts. She proved to be a multi-talented journalist and presenter, but music was still at the core of Lily’s heart.

Her break in the music world at the age of 18 when she joined a group called “In Between” in 1999.The group did not last and in the same year she resorted to becoming a backing vocalist for one of Zambia’s renowned female legend Maureen Lilanda. Lily did not realise that she had met a legend who would not only inspire her musically, but turned out to be her inspiration and idol. Lily quit the band in 2003 to branch out on her own. In the next two years, the young diva as she is known went on to record her debut ten track album which has proved to be worth its buy according to local news papers. Her debut ten track album called “mvela”, meaning listen has proved to be extremely popular among most Zambian music lovers and has been dubbed blockbuster.
The secret to this success… Her creative abilities and her possession of a sweet well rehearsed voice has done wonders on this young diva’s album. Her catchy stage performance has also added flavor to her works. Her indisputable ability to write original songs which frequently address  real life issues that affect society at large have earned great respect among most Zambians.

Lily T’s success is spiced by a band of professional musicians who have played with her since her days of being a backing vocalist until now that she has become a household name. Her undoubted love for children can be traced in the lyrics of some of her hit songs and she has won the hearts of many Zambian children.

One of the best moments in Lily’s music career was sharing stage and curtain raising for her Senegalese idol Ishmael Lo.This honor by the Zambian French Embassy through the Alliance francaise of Zambia has sprang lily’s music career to heights as she has earned the respect of possessing international traits and abilities. Experts have rated her excellent and most of them have set the sky as no limit for her.

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