Neelkanth Lime company in Chiwala exposing workers to dangerous substances


  • Dear editor,
  • Please hide my identity.
  • Neelkanth mine is situated on the Copperbelt in Masaiti district chief Chiwala’s area Ndola. The mine is being run by reckless Indians. Is it not ridiculous to know that the mine has not come only to take our minerals but also the lives of people who even vote and for sure they even voted in the last elections. ZW, you can try to send your men to find out what the company has not already done with hazardous up 90% to the people and being paid quarter of the minimum wage. The company has no machineries that every work is manual.
  • The company stages of work are these.

1        Pit blasting, when the blasting has no qualifications.

2       Stone breakers, these sale five tones at k24 minus k5 to buy the supervisor to make it K19.

3       Stone loaders, tractors carry stones to the near by furnaces.

4        Here they have nice dishes weighing about 5kg when empty, people lift stones weighing about 40kg for 5hours in loading the furnace

5       There are people who sweat and are burnt seing them is my witness, they call lime dragging.

6       Here women putting on pads to avoid their private parts being burnt with lime. They call lime sorting and women have turned into zayelows.

7       Hydration, this is the deadly point that people being striped of the bigger churnk of safety and left to swallow lime.

8       Tacking, the stackers can only be identified when they are out. More importantly is that, with such kind of negligence on workers there shouldn’t be sick people or they send away the victim.

9       when they take a person to Kitwe for medical check-ups which is after six months of working then the person is found with lime in the chest or anywhere as long as there is no fitness the victim is fired after all it the contagious company that has destroyed the person. But when the person is found well, then it means he/she will never see the results. Could this be life ?. Please Zambian Watchdog help the people in Chiwala.

Concerned citizen of Chiwala.

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