Limulunga DC implicated in theft of donor funds

Limulunga District Commissioner Ndombo Litambo has been implicated in stealing donor funds meant for mitigating effects of climate change.

Since Western province is one of the areas neglected by the PF regime, most of the projects are now funded by donors alone.

One such project is the Climate Resilience Fund meant to mitigate the
effects of climate change on food production.

The monies come from donors who have pledged to support farmers affected by climate change effects such as flooding and draught.

In western province of Zambia such projects are been rolled out in Nalolo and Limulunga districts. And that is where the PF come in, to steal.

In Limulunga district a group of civil servants led by the District Commissioner Litambo chose themselves to handle the project. Litambo is a losing PF parliamentary candidate in the 2011 polls.

On Monday last week a team of auditors from Mongu went to Limulunga administration to verify reports of misappropriation these funds.

According to sources who saw the preliminary report report, the plunder is massive.

Offiicilas who have been named in the theft of donor money are Ndombo Litambo
(DC),Ngenda Mubiana (DAO), Banda Austin (DACO),Mululuma (DFO), KASWELA Mwamba (planner) and obbie Shibwanga (planner).

Civil servants in Zambia are notorious for stealing donor funds

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