Link between slow government reaction and spread of Covid – 19

Link between slow government reaction and spread of Covid – 19

There is a connection between the slow reaction by the Government and how the corona virus spread has evolved:

1. Because Govt refused to close the border we imported corona virus from France and Pakistan

2. Because Govt refused to impose strict mandatory quarantine on new arrivals from outside Zambia, the Pakistanis spread the virus to the locals because their self-quarantine was loose and not properly monitored.

3. Because Govt refused to impose a travel ban on Lusaka the other towns, namely Kafue and Kabwe, have imported the virus.

4. Because Govt refused extend the Kafue lock down as requested by residents and test more than 2000 people in Kafue, cases have continued to pop up in Kafue unexplained.

5. Because Govt have been rigid with the PPE’s that were donated by stakeholders, over 10% of the infections involve health workers.

6. Because Govt insist on screening and not mandatory testing at the borders, the cases sneaked through the Nakonde border from Tanzania reached Chingola without social distancing or isolation measures. A few days ago a case sneaked in from Europe.

Clearly we are not responding to how the spread is playing out by toughening out response. In fact we are still at high risk because of the following Govt actions or inactions:

1. A number of cases in Kafue have not been traced to the source of contact hence some carriers are on the loose. The testing level in the town is still low to be able to capture the positive people quickly and stop the spread.

2. The clinics across the country do not have a new protocol of how they check-in patients and nurses remain exposed to infection, due to lack of PPE.

3. Opening churches merely reintroduces the same risks that we avoided in the earlier ban. This time at a higher rate since the virus has spread.

4. The public transport and markets remain conducive for transmission as nothing has been put in place to curb crowding.

5. The Govt is not leading by example by allowing things like: miners’ demonstrations in huge numbers, bye-elections and the touring of markets with large delegations that create huge gatherings.

6. The donations are not trickling down to the people who need them the most.

7. Lusaka the epicenter remains open for business and will result in new infection clusters being created across the country due to travellers going in and out of the city.

What is government trying to achieve?

The only thing that allowing church gatherings will achieve is the increased exposure of people to the virus. This will create new infections and new clusters to start tracking. More work for the health workers and more risk.

What is government’s real motive, if the church did not ask for this? Who did they consult if the church was caught by surprise? Do they want more infections or more demand for sanitisers? Is a high infection rate good for trade kings business and donations for Government?

These are conspiracies the latest decision is creating because it is just too nonsensical.

Richard W

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